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  1. Just got it, gonna listen to it right now :afro: :dancingcool:
  2. just get the cd, u can do both, put it on u're I pod and even listen to it in the car. :dancingcool:
  3. Yeah i did search google and stuff, but couldn't find some decent info, so guess they left music bizz too lol. As long as Will doesn't quit thats fine by me :peace:
  4. Tra Knox is kinda whack! I don't know they aren't that bad but somehow I don't really like them, maybe it's because they were on EVERY GODDAMNED SONG on the B2R album! The album is so great, I like almost anything by Will but I really think some tracks would have been way more betta than with Tra Knox!!! They have talent, they got some smooth and nice, good lyrics but dunno, I don't think they are great or somethin'... :werd: Yeah i kno bit much of Tra Knox on te album than Will, even more than Will I think :s And yeah they're not great but like u said, i think they have talent too, and just wanted to know what they're doing now and how their album sounded like if i came out
  5. Are u really ? Or are u just saying you're a man, when actually u're a female stalker, so we can't catch you and trust you. :chuks: who will tell
  6. Did anybody heard something about Tra - Knox ? The guys who Will did the B2R album with ? Do they have an album that is comming out ? I'm just asking this because I kinda liked them on the album, and because will was working together with them on an album or something like that .....
  7. In Belgium is it also been released the 29th of March I'm from Belgium to Okay then i'm sure :) first thing i'll do in the morning tomorrow => run to the store and buy the record By the way, where u from in Belgium ?
  8. Well actually I only heard a couple of songs from the JJFP albums, because I only started listening to will with BWS, and afterwards i searched for the previous records but never found them though :(
  9. Mine's Born 2 Reign, i like it a lot more then Big Willie Style, dno why I just do :werd: What do you guys think of B2R ? Because I read in the reviews of L&F that there are a lot of people who didn't like it ? Why's that ?
  10. Just signed in :wiggle: Well I hope I get mine tomorrow, if I can find him in stores. Because I don't kno if the release is world wide @ the same day, and I live in Belgium so ... Let's hope it is :)
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