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  1. I like it. U and Fuq did a really good job on it! :2thumbs:
  2. Ahh thats what the cover looks like. Sonic told me about it. Aww cute cover. Can't wait 4 this movie!
  3. Thanks 4 the pix guys! Can't wait 2 see this on Bravo!
  4. Yeah Wendy Williams made the announcement that Method Man's wife was dying of cancer. But it wouldn't shock me if she said he was gay before that announcement. She, he or it whatever...says everybody is gay...she even tried to get Queen Latifah to say she was gay cos QL wouldn't answer questions about her personal love life.
  5. I dont see anything wrong. I just see a father who was just playing wit his son. Like MA said he had his hand over his boy's mouth...he was playing wit him...no big deal
  6. I love his work in both fields. I'll still support him if he retires from music. That won't stop me from being a fan of his music and his movies.
  7. Ahh man..he was so young. Thats real sad. Thoughts go out 2 his family. May he truly rest in peace :therain:
  8. That is great!!! :yeah: can't wait 2 see it!!
  9. I haven't read this freestyle. I heard the other 1 he preform it at Def Comedy Jam. But he does a great job :2thumbs:
  10. :yeahthat: Thx Julie. Haha Will so silly :lol:
  11. Opening Credits: Just Rockin'-JJFP Waking Up: Then She Bit Me-JJFP First Day At School: Nightmare on My Street-JJFP Falling In Love: Who Stole My Car-JJFP (wtf lol) Breaking Up: Here We Go Again-JJFP Prom: The Men of Your Dreams-JJFP Life's OK: Numero Uno Mental Breakdown: My Buddy- JJFP (huh?)lol Driving: Pump Up the Bass-JJFP Flashback: He's the DJ I'm the Rapper-JJFP Getting Back Together: Takin' It To The Top-JJFP Sex Scene: Just 1 of those Days-JJFP Dance Sequence: Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Wedding: I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson- JJFP (wtf) Birth of Child: Brand New Funk-JJFP Final Battle: Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble-JJFP Death Scene: Parents Just Dont Understand-JJFP (huh) lol Funeral Song: Charlie Mack (1st Out the Limo) wtf lol End Credits: Rock The House-JJFP
  12. thx miss ashley 4 that. Will must be so proud of what Oprah said about his son preformance
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :gettinjiggywitit: :rockon: :2thumbs: :jazzy: :yeah:
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