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  1. Maybe Mann + Will together again can = Oscar
  2. cant say im feelin it either, however Will can pull ANYTHING off... lookin forward to it either way. ps. def not feelin those glasses
  3. i support will 100% in what he does, but i think he should take all this energy and focus on movies and music
  4. any news on this? i tried to click the link and it didnt work
  5. and tell me why he didnt release pump your breaks either like he was supposed to.
  6. TELL ME WHY will never released it as a single
  7. o really, dang i need to get in the forum. i dont have enough posts yet.
  8. i think will should record one song here and there. then release an album when he has a good collection. not to mention im sure he has enough loose tracks hanging around even now.
  9. Has will really "quit" music? It cant be.
  10. Is this deffinate? How do you know this?
  11. This song is listed in Made in America. Does anybody have this song?
  12. From the site: New Will Smith Album Will has finished filming Pursuit of Happyness and doesn't begin his next movie till June/July. At the moment he is working on a compilation album featuring a lot of different RnB, Reggae & Hip-Hop Artists. He has enlisted ?uestlove from The Roots and producer James Poyser to work on the album. James Poyser played keys on the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince track "I Wanna Rock" and has produced tracks for Common, Erykah Badu, Eric Benet, The Roots and Musiq. Any new updates on whats going on with this album?
  13. WHAT!? ya thats weird about its all good. hopefully someone can find it.
  14. As far as the guaranteed 20, its all about your passions. whether your passion is movies, music, or money. i love will for following his passions and makin some money off it. AND I REALLY WANNA HEAR THIS TRACK ANYONE FIND IT YET?
  15. I think Agent Jay and Mike Lowrey are the best in his films. However you gotta love the "character" Will Smith in the Fresh Prince hahahaha
  16. Whats the deal with MIB3. Are they going ahead with the idea that Will and Jones came up with? I know Will has a lot of projects ahead, but will it happen?
  17. i remember when Will said that he would only do it if it had a really good script. like a real good detective story. hopefully it will satisfy him.
  18. I wish I knew how to post a clip of it, but I don't know how so I can't.
  19. In my version of Just the Two of Us on Big Willie Style there is a single clap sound like you hear in MIB ("here come the men in black *clap* *clap") when Will says "daddy loves you, daddy loves you." I have listened to friend's CDs and when it was on the radio i never heard it. I have only heard it on my CD. does anyone else have this?
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