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  1. I meant lyrically off course wills more verstatile.I meant lyrically calm down dog. :chuks:
  2. I know I'm not the only who has thought of this.Just their old school styles are very similar.The way they battle,their voice afflection's are similiar.Just Listen to Just Rockin'.It's very similiar to I can't live without my radio.Who do you think is the better old school battle rapper.I give Will a slight edge.I'm only 21 so you may ask how someone who was barely 1 and 2 when they both came out compare them.Not only do I love jjfp I'm an avid old school fan and listen all forms of old school rap.Just thought throw that in see if see appreciate that. :damnyou:
  3. I'm trying to rap out these freestyles but it's hard to rap them of the the screen.I figure I just rap out each line until I come to a comma pause for a second and continue.It works for a while then it gets hard again.Maybe someone can give me some pointers.Does anyone else try to rap these out? :shrug:
  4. I think pump ya brakes or party starter would be good.Even Ms.Holy roller stands out the most I've heard people say they can't believe he was spitin'in that song like that.Lost and found would not be a good one it may rub alot of rappers the wrong way inciting disses and battles.They look for anything to beef about these dayz :ali:
  5. there are even better reviews on www.m-zine.com just click w :thumb:
  6. Let me just staret by saying I really like this album.In terms of straight spittin' it's his best solo album.But what I want to tell you is check out a review on Allhiphop.com.Peace :peace:
  7. Well in terms of the way I feel about the album.I'm a little dissapointed.I feel he could of did a little more with the raps.Finally he consinstently has hot beats,but doesn't really shine,well wouldn't say not shine but I felt he could of came of hotter.And i feel he could have done a lot more with Mr.Nice guy.He really didn't correct peoples misconceptions like I thougth he would.Hopefully it will grow on me It sometimes takes me a few hundred listens before I soak everything in.The questions I have are about loretta.Anyone know what he's referring to sounds pretty serious for me not to know anything about it.and on swagga he said. "fat white chicks on the radio calling me gay" wonder if you know who he's referring to.Thank you.
  8. On the topic of if it's a freestyle.Any form of rap is freestyle your still thinking off the top of your head but you just right it down and record it on a song :touche:
  9. I've been wanting to chime in on this for a very long time.I'm going to have to say A.I.T.C.It's just to many mediocre songs to me.Certain songs I would be embaressed to play alot of the songs in front of my peoples.Sorry people who love this album,but I think JJ+FP worst.As for B2R It's the worst solo album for will but not the most dissapointing A.I.T.C.
  10. Oh naw when you type it .It looks kind of long I guess
  11. Hey Ive been into this site for atleast a year now this is my first post.I,ve Been a JJ+FP fan since about 93'.Will Smith is my favorite rapper I often get a bewildered look when I tell people that.I'm tweny years old I, Live in Buffalo Ny, born and raised.Sorry this is so long and not the topic yet But I just wanted to introduce my self.I was just wondering though how recent are those cast updates.Thank you for putting up with me thanks. JJ+FP fo' eva PEACE
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