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    DefCEM reacted to DevilsJim89 in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    I agree with a lot of opinions here. I don't think Will is doing good mentally. It was like a bi-polar moment for him. He's seen laughing at the joke to then slapping Chris and shouting at him. Next he gets the win and then cries and says something that he's a "vessel of love" and "love makes you do crazy things".
    Dude - you just slapped the host of the show because Jada wasn't having it. Listen, I get defending your wife but that was such an instant response to Jada. It was uncalled for. The joke wasn't even that bad. It's comedy. So now if we go to comedy shows and don't like a joke we can slap the comedian? It's bizarre. I get that it's an isolated incident but I think it was trigger by some deep wounds and toxicity in his life. He needs some help and healing. I haven't read the book but it seems like their are some deep rooted issues. 
    We're obviously all people on the outside watching but part of me thinks their marriage has run it's course. He was humiliated on the RTT with Jada where she justified her actions in front of the world to make a private matter turn into public display of marriage therapy in which she profited off of it. She had an affair with their son's friend. That's crazy. So because the traditional definition of marriage doesn't apply to their "open marriage" makes what she did okay? And now they're going to have another episode that they're going to profit from from all the views. I could do without the pomp and circumstance.
    Honestly, I'm just turned off by Will and have been for a few years now. Maybe at his core he's still the guy we all grew up loving from JJFP, FPOBA to the early 2000s but he doesn't have the same appeal to me. He's a business and a brand and the one thing I want from him - he doesn't sell anymore - which is music. I'm not into Will Smith the character, the box office star and hollywood elite. He's just not relatable. I feel the same way about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson too. 
    I dont care and never cared about: 
    his movies his marriage and how open it is his kids his snapchat his instagram his book (well maybe some parts of it) bel-air reboot hollywood life  his politics his youtube channel his motivation advice his workout routine selling me products (bel-air merch, JUST water...etc) ...etc Anything with music - count me in. 
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    DefCEM reacted to Hero1 in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    I I'm more with Def Cem on this. I will always be a JJFP fan but I really don't like justifying violence with love or protection. It just wasn't acceptable. I thought Chris Rock handled himself pretty unbelievably after the incident. You can hear my full thoughts on why I thought it happened on the podcast here:
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    DefCEM reacted to fan 4ever in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    Glad to see some old names on this forum again. Too bad it took Will bitchslapping Chris Rock to get y'all back here! :-)
    I'm glad he finally won his Oscar. We all know that he deserves that Oscar. King Richard is a great movie and Will was amazing in it. It's just messed up that people will always remember him slapping Chris Rock. The thing is, if he didn't have this nice guy image all the time people wouldn't be so shocked about it. I'm not defending his actions, violence is never a good idea, but I guess he just lost it. He has been taking a lot of **** lately (might be his own fault because he's sharing everything with people these days) but there's just as much a guy can take. Should he have talked to Chris privately after the show? Maybe. Should he have mentioned it during his speech? Maybe. Should he have slapped him on one of the biggest stages in the word? NO! 
    We can't turn back time, it happened. Just wondering if he will make a statement about it. 
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    DefCEM got a reaction from Hero1 in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    I haven’t been online here in ages and just had to come and share my feelings.
    I am really shocked and disappointed of his behavior and think that this is unacceptable. He didn’t even apologize to Chris at his speech.
    As a long time JJFP fan I must say, that the Fresh Prince I used to like and watch and listen to is no more. Will totally lost his sense of responsibility as an artist.. what it means to be a role model. He shouldn’t have made his private life so public in the first place. All that red table talk and stuff totally screwed him up. The showbiz is not the place to elaborate and therapy your life. 
    my respect for him is on a low point and honestly he is more and more becoming an example on how NOT to do things in life.
    What a shame. I won’t support him anymore and will stick with his old stuff. But nonetheless I hope he’ll get out of this mess…
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    DefCEM reacted to DevilsJim89 in Get Lit   
    Hey man - I agree with all that you said.
    I don't mind Get Lit as I do enjoy house and some EDM but he's not giving us what we want. We want BARS! Will needs to actually SPIT BARS. Once that happens, he'll get more attention online. I don't care if he wants to experiment, you have to as an artist. Caution in the WIld could've been so much better if it was a full song and if he didn't repeat the same 4 lines or so in both "verses". The Fiesta remix video was pretty dope - imagine if those visuals were used for a proper rap comeback song. 
    I've been saying it for years that he's super secretive and insecure about his music...but says one thing and then says something else. He drops L+F saying how much he loves music and then never drops another single or album. In the music industry, if you don't have some recent, it's out of sight, out of mind and in Will's case - 12 years?! Completely out of mind. There's a whole generation of people who didn't know he was a rapper before the movies. 
    Another example - back in 2005, he said he was going to do stuff online. Where's the website? He doesn't even have a legit website. How about a soundcloud? He's so out of touch. I don't think he's cared much either about his music career and truth be told - it shows.
    One more example in 2015 - "Oh yeah Jeff and I are going to do a proper world tour because we've never done it and its going to be in 2016."  ....We got 2 shows in 2016. Not exactly a tour. 
    I get he's the biggest movie star on the planet but give me a break - he doesn't have to make movies another day in his life. If you really wanted to do music - you do it. Don't say we're going on tour and then go sign on for another 2 movies....seriously. This is where my frustration sets in. 
    If he wants to be taken seriously again regarding music, he needs to drop bars. Plain and simple.  You don't need to sell records anymore - just do it for the love and people will respond. 
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    DefCEM got a reaction from Hero1 in JJFP Urban Music Festival Concert   
    Lerkot is living. My god, I feel like it's 2005 again...
    I just had to log in to write this comment.
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    DefCEM got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Get Lit   
    long time no see. hope y'all doing well. glad to see some of y'all got the chance to meet JJFP.
    Here are my 2 cents about the new track. I think Will just doesn't care about what other people wish for. He probably did this track because he felt like it. I think theres no other oldskool rap veteran who experiments as much as Will with his music. They all keep it true to hiphop and to their own style to a certain degree. Personally i don't like the track, just because thats not my type of music. Born2Reign was similar in that aspect. He did a lot of experimental/non hiphop stuff on that album too. And his latest releases Caution in the Wild and the other one before that was the same. He tries to reach the mainstream Top 100 music listener of today, but the thing is, there are thousands of people who are better than him doing that type of music. Those recent tracks are forgotten already. Come to think, that he's very insecure about releasing music, this will just make it worse, if you look at the critics.
    To tell the truth, i think he never really cared about his music career. He could at least do some fan service and release some oldskoolish hiphop tracks with Jeff. Honestly i would find it better, if he released nothing instead. This stuff is not really convincing.
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    DefCEM got a reaction from Typhoon20 in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    stop making wars around the world and you'll have enough money...
    regarding Will, as a rich and popular person he has to be comform with the way the industry works or they'll drop him in a blink of an eye.
    one day you're good and rich the other day you're poor and bad. michael jackson is the perfect example. he had the heart to critisize the industry and talk about the bad people there and the things they did to him. they saw him as a danger because he had his own mind and a conscience. they took everything from him. as an artist you dont have no control and no power at all in the american entertainment industry. Will knows that, and to be honest in my opinion all those "artists" - which arent artists in my opinion, beacuse that would mean they create things - are sell outs. the way they make money is by selling themselves as a product. cause thats what they are - a product. the creative people are behind the camera if at all. but hollywood on the other is not really known for beeing creative and innovative. "art" is something which is pretty hard to find in commercial products these days.
    The video is pretty interesting, because it shows the difference in Wills understanding and perception of the world and things surrounding him. if i didnt know better i would simply call him a opportunist. that is sad, because as an artist i think there are so much more valuable things than money, fame and fashion. there is a chance to be a role model to change things. but i have the feeling that all the stuff he does only serves his Mr Nice Guy image he's so sensitive about.
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    DefCEM reacted to VIsqo in Will says "50 Call Me"   
    Well, at this time, Id be more than happy to see him in a collab it doesnt matter if it is with 50 cent, Dj Khaled, hell, even Lil freakin Wayne.
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    DefCEM got a reaction from willreign in Another RARE TREAT   
    Thanks to you guys i was able to get my hands on the I'm Looking For The One Live Video and as a return i have this little gift for you.
    I played around a lil bit with the video. Hope you like it!

    Have fun!
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