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  1. I'll agree, he does add bass to everything, but the track with Fall Out Boy on his album is brilliant
  2. looking forward to hearing that Chris Martin track, also when is kanye gonna put that John Mayer song on one of his albums!!
  3. All UK people will want to buy Empire magazine which is out Firday, as Mr. Smith is the cover star you can get it in america also but it might not out the same time as England. http://www.empireonline.com/magazine/
  4. can anyone hook me up with this another way those .rar files do not agree with my computer haha
  5. Thank you all, spent my birthday in New York, was amazing!
  6. I will ditto what Kev said, including the bit about the dancing haha
  7. OK I saw this film the other night, perks of working at a cinema :wickedwisdom: I think it may be the greatest film ever made, it has everything, A good story, Kick ass action scenes, Unbelieveable effects, comedy, romance, a really hot female lead, and giant robots that transform and fight each other honestly what more do you want from a film! anybody else seen it, thoughts ? :stickpoke:
  8. It was Awsome! Travis is such a good front man for the band, he brings the different genre's of music they perform together probable the best gig i've ever been to and thats saying alot since i've already seen my two favourite all time artists live (Alicia Keys and Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince)
  9. Just thought I would share with you my excitement for going to see them live tonight! :wickedwisdom:
  10. Paramore - Born For This followed by Paramore - Misery Business
  11. no no i do like the song, i'm just person who likes sunglasses, and hey if it's good enough for the two prince's, they must be ok for me :gettinjiggywitit:
  12. I want his sunglasses from the video, anybody know where?
  13. Because I grew up on transformers, it was my favourtie thing as a kid, thats why i'm hyped and it just looks absolutly amazing
  14. Okay maybe a slight over reaction by me, but just Watch Watch Watch! it's for the Transformers Film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kckakj8sH8I&eurl= :signthankspin:
  15. I saw this a couple days ago, and I hate it, I still think the original Batman film was the best
  16. Anybody going to hook a brother up, haha :stickpoke:
  17. no it was during the show, when they did the parodys with films clips, right after the pursuit of happyness and dreamgirls one
  18. Personally I liked the first one, and I LOVED the silver surfer when I was growing up so i'm gonna watch it when it comes out however transformers looks like the greatest film that there has ever been!! did anyone else see the clip they played at the MTV movie awards with optimus prime speaking??
  19. Does anyone still have that mp3 of 'the champ is here', the one Jeff used to play as Will came out on that throne, i remember somebody had a version of it but i lost it
  20. I thought the multiple Jack Sparrows was really funny, totally relies of Depp's ability to pull it off tho
  21. it's 4am in the morning and I have JUST got back from seeing it, really enjoyed it, Keith Richards cameo is genius anyone else planning to see this?
  22. How cool, but but BUT I have a ticket to the FA Cup final this weekend, I am a very happy chappy :1-say-yes:
  23. The $5 Million I Am Legend Scene The Hollywood Reporter has published a report on a massive scene from Warner Bros. Pictures' I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith. Here's a clip: New York. Nighttime. Post-apocalypse. As a life-warping illness devastates the American populace, survivors gather at a pier by the Brooklyn Bridge, desperate to be evacuated. It is a central moment in Warner Bros. Pictures' "I Am Legend," the much-anticipated $150 million-plus sci-fi actioner starring Will Smith and directed by Francis Lawrence. But as impressive a nail-biter as this particular scene will surely be, its drama is rivaled by that of the process of mounting and shooting it on six successive nights in January. "The physical scale of the Brooklyn Bridge scene was the most daunting," says location manager Paul Kramer, who began prepping back in July. "There were so many moving parts." In addition to complying with the requirements of no fewer than 14 government agencies, producers had to bring in a crew of 250, plus 1,000 extras, including 160 members of the National Guard in full combat gear. They commandeered a flotilla of Coast Guard boats, grappled with hypothermia-inducing temperatures, coped with dozens of production-related injuries -- and nursed a frozen helicopter. Click here for much more on the scene. The sci-fi actioner hits theaters on December 14. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=20107
  24. Thanks for the link but my plan is to not get excited until I have a ticket to a show in my hand! :gettinjiggywitit:
  25. Just registerd to get my ticket
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