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  1. It’s been a few months since the Oscar’s incident and the public hasn’t seemed to let up on him. There was a post I saw on Reddit a few days ago. It was an image from behind the scenes of Men in Black. A shot of Will sitting on a bench. The entire point of the post was to show how much work and equipment goes into filming on simple shot. In the comments some of the most upvoted comments had to do with his career being over now or making jokes like “keep my next film offer out your f’n mouth” (alluding to studios pulling offers or flat out no longer offering them to him.)

    im not condoning what he did, but it’s kind of absurd to me that one lapse in judgement and one completely uncharacteristic decision has erased more than 30 years of his public image. People have done way worse and have been embraced by the public upon their return. But people really seem to have an undeserved hatred of the Smith family, so much so that they’re happy Will is going through this. 

    so ultimately, how can he bounce back? What does he have to do to win the public back? 

  2. Yea I'm not a fan of this...What made Lost and Found great was that he just went into the studio and said what he wanted to say. He touched back to his roots and let go. Since then he's really had this complex about getting recognition and praise as a rapper, which is understandable. he's right. he should get all that...but this just sounds like he's trying too hard to get a hit and forcing that praise. Its a mashed up combination of different top 40 sounds that are hot right now and it just doesn't work. Just drop a verse, spit some rhymes...And the industry isn't dead its just evolved...Once upon a time more money and more airplay got you Gold Records...Today an unsigned artist can drop a track on Youtube and those views will be counted towards its "sales" so to speak. Will can spend all the money he has on getting this airplay (not saying that is what he's doing...) but if people don't like it and it doesn't get shared, etc its going to fall behind. 

  3. https://www.amazon.com/Hes-DJ-Rapper-Expanded-2-CD/dp/B073W7HQRL

    Randomly came across this tonight, looks like it came out earlier this month...


    When He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper originally came out as the first-ever hip-hop double album, it clocked in at just over 82 minutes. Rather than issue it as a 2-CD set, Jive shortened the album for CD release. In the U.S., one of the songs was removed from the album while eight others were presented in shorter versions. To date, only rare 1988 German pressings of the CD contain the original, unedited LP versions of the songs, although even that version left off the last two tracks due to the same space issues. Ah, you know…labels just don’t understand. So now, on the eve of the record's 30th anniversary, it’s time to set the record straight. Real Gone Music’s new, 2-CD expanded version includes the COMPLETE He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper album for the first time ever on CD, taken from the original master tapes. But that’s not good enough for us…we’ve also added 11 bonus tracks featuring 12” single mixes, extended remixes, etc. totaling 54 minutes—in fact, the four instrumental versions and the live version of “Brand New Funk” have never been on CD, either! Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in New York remasters, Aaron Kannowski supplies liner notes, and we’ve included original album and 12" artwork as well. One of the crucial albums in hip-hop’s move to the mainstream, finally done right!



    Disc: 1

      1. Nightmare on My Street
      2. Here We Go Again
      3. Brand New Funk
      4. Time to Chill
      5. Charlie Mack (The First Out the Limo)
      6. As We Go
      7. Parents Just Don't Understand
      8. Pump Up the Bass
      9. Let's Get Busy Baby
      10. Another Special Announcement
      11. Live at Union Square, November 1986
      12. D.J. on the Wheels
      13. My Buddy
      14. Rhythm Trap--House Party Style


    Disc: 2

      1. He's the D.J., I'm the Rapper
      2. Hip Hop Dancer's Theme
      3. Jazzy's in the House
      4. Human Video Game
      5. Parents Just Don't Understand (Single Edit)
      6. Parents Just Don't Understand (Instrumental)
      7. Nightmare on My Street (Single Edit)
      8. Nightmare on My Street (Instrumental)
      9. Brand New Funk (Extended Remix)
      10. Brand New Funk (Live at Nassau Coliseum)
      11. Brand New Funk (Single Edit)
      12. Brand New Funk (Instrumental)
      13. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1988 Extended Remix)
      14. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1988 Single Version)
      15. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (Instrumental)


    Doesn't seem to be anything we haven't heard before but the description does say its been remastered and it comes with some extra art work. 

  4. i'm Jealous. MILES away from me....But I'm happy. Its about DAMN TIME. They better come to states. More importantly, this BETTER lead to new music from the two of them....I'm hype....JJFP! Man its been over 2 decades i've been a fan...a little over a decade i've been coming to this site and posting here.....and here we are 12 years after his last album FINALLY getting some hope for something....

  5. i know i'm being picky but how much for just a few of them? I'm willing to pay a little more to help you out but i just can't justify buying a Cd i already have :/...

    Both Yo Homes to Bel Air, The Groove, The Things That You Do, and I Think I can Beat Mike Tyson....I've been trying to add those to the collection for a long time now...for just the CD singles how much would you be looking for those?

  6. only because he failed to capitalize on it. no one really knew who the original artist was and not many people heard the original song. Will Smith coming back got that song a lot of shine. in the weeks following he did a lot of talk shows and interviews about new music. everyone was excited for it. there were articles written about and several major websites.....and then he...did nothing. he let the remix die down and stopped talking about music. people lost interest. 

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