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  1. i know i'm being picky but how much for just a few of them? I'm willing to pay a little more to help you out but i just can't justify buying a Cd i already have :/...

    Both Yo Homes to Bel Air, The Groove, The Things That You Do, and I Think I can Beat Mike Tyson....I've been trying to add those to the collection for a long time now...for just the CD singles how much would you be looking for those?

  2. only because he failed to capitalize on it. no one really knew who the original artist was and not many people heard the original song. Will Smith coming back got that song a lot of shine. in the weeks following he did a lot of talk shows and interviews about new music. everyone was excited for it. there were articles written about and several major websites.....and then he...did nothing. he let the remix die down and stopped talking about music. people lost interest. 

  3. Jeff will be a part of it, as will plenty of other people. he's trying to take chances, he's trying to do something different. We've all been fans for years and one thing we know is he will never compromise who he is as a person or an artists for sales. I'm not concerned one bit. Jeff is and will always be his #1. they're going on tour this summer. Jeff will part of this album. Will may even be a part of Jeff's album...others will also be a part of it...

    Also keep in mind, he said he recorded 30...and he only REALLY likes 6 or 7....he's trying different things. I respect him for that, 

  4. Sounds like a new album isn't as close as we would hope, but its at least his first priority right now. I'd say we get the first official drops top of the year. 


    This interview is amazing. Some people who are stuck in the past when it comes to Hip Hop and Will's music might be surprised. 

    ​This topic and the last few months is a good example of that....So many people here are afraid of what hes doing, who he's working with, and almost demanding he just go back to Willennium and drop music like that...its clear he wants to grow as an artist and test his limits, do something different...i'm excited for that. 

  5. I think it has less to do with who he's working with and more to do with....Himself. It's been a decade since his last album and in that time he had little to no desire to ever record a serious album again. He doesn't want to put out a project just to do it. he's been working with Jeff too and is still undecided. Is that to say Jeff doesn't know or understand him? of course not...its just that Will doesn't know what he really wants to do musically, or if he even wants to do it again. He's taking time and feeling things out before he fully commits to it. Don't blame that on Kanye and Drake. Just give the man time and let him work with whoever he wants to. He seems to have formed a bond with Kanye, he's working on a relationship with Drake. Jeff will be involved, people from his past that he trusts will be involved....If he wants 40 to produce a track featuring Drake then let him. It won't compromise who he is. If there is one thing I've learned about Will in the several years I've been a fan its that he won't sell out who he is or compromise himself for anyone. Working with Drake doesn't mean he's trying to sell out for mainstream success. It more likely means he met him, worked with him, liked what he heard, liked how he worked and wants to collaborate with him. You don't see him running to Lil Wayne, or the likes....That's because I think It has less to do with what's commercially successful and more to do with what he likes. And if Will is a fan of Drake's music and wants to work with him I don't see a problem with that. 

  6. The whole thing is stupid to me.  Drake is a commercial singer-rapper from Canada who has other people write his lyrics.  He's also part of the wackest click of all time.  I like the FP is surrounding himself with people who make music, it's just that it's all the wrong people.

    ​Sounds like you don't know much about Drake or the situation at hand lol. You do realize Drake is an acclaimed writer himself and has wrote countless songs for other Rappers and Singers? And his Clique has nothing to do with his own talent as an artist. He's league's above anyone on Young Money, but they are the ones who put him on...He's allowed to have friends who are less talented than him. Same way Will Smith is allowed to form new friendships and work with those people if  he wants to. 

  7. There's no reason to doubt new music.  He's the kind of artist who doesn't talk about it unless it's going to happen.  I never had much doubt that there would be more music.  My posts of hope can be seen all over the board...lol.  The thing is, so many people want to put legends in boxes by saying "you need to release new music within this time frame or you've retired."

    I'll be happy that new music is coming out, but I don't like the idea of "Will Smith, the pop star."  Calvin Harris and Kanye West represent that.  I want an authentic Fresh Prince Hip-Hop album. I can't imagine Calvin Harris contributing to that.  Plus, Kanye (even in his prime), has never produced anything on the level of Jeff's best work.  The difference is that Jeff does it for the love and for the art. Kanye as long been a slave to money, fame, attention, and his own arrogance.

    ​yea sorry..but you're really letting your bias get in the way to say Kanye only does it for fame. its ok not to like the man as a person or even as a musician, but lets not defame him like that....Let Will work with whoever he wants to. Jeff will be involved, and if he wants Kanye, Timbaland, Calvin Harris etc to be involved I'd be all for it. 

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