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  1. Fair warning, his lyrics can SOMETIMES be pretty dirty and harsh (not like most rappers, though...It's hard to explain, He's been described as a nerdy Lil Wayne with more talent) but he's an extremely talented rapper. Picked up his album on Tuesday and thought it was great:




  2. ...Why can't we have both? Why are we forcing a Jay Z vs Chuck D debate? A top 10 list is completely opinionated. Jay Z would be in mine and I don't feel I'm insulting Hip Hop because of that...and to simply disregard anyone who lists Jay Z in their top 10 as a Sell-Out, or as someone who is just doing it to be politically correct is pretty much just ignoring truth...They like Jay Z, they put him in their top 10...Thinking Jay Z is a top 10 rapper is NOT an insult to Run DMC, Public Enemy, etc, etc, etc....

    Jay Z raps about his life, where he came from, etc....But he's also not in that life anymore. He's a Multi-Million dollar business man....now he raps about his life as it is, not ALWAYS as it was....I have absolutely NO problem with that...

  3. Basically, you draft a team of NFL players and get points based on how each one plays every week. Touchdowns, Receptions, Sacks, Interceptions....They're all worth a certain amount of points. Every week you'll go head to head against another team in the league and whichever team collectively scores the most points will win...

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