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  1. ...Why can't we have both? Why are we forcing a Jay Z vs Chuck D debate? A top 10 list is completely opinionated. Jay Z would be in mine and I don't feel I'm insulting Hip Hop because of that...and to simply disregard anyone who lists Jay Z in their top 10 as a Sell-Out, or as someone who is just doing it to be politically correct is pretty much just ignoring truth...They like Jay Z, they put him in their top 10...Thinking Jay Z is a top 10 rapper is NOT an insult to Run DMC, Public Enemy, etc, etc, etc....

    Jay Z raps about his life, where he came from, etc....But he's also not in that life anymore. He's a Multi-Million dollar business man....now he raps about his life as it is, not ALWAYS as it was....I have absolutely NO problem with that...

  2. Basically, you draft a team of NFL players and get points based on how each one plays every week. Touchdowns, Receptions, Sacks, Interceptions....They're all worth a certain amount of points. Every week you'll go head to head against another team in the league and whichever team collectively scores the most points will win...

  3. So, I was thinking about this today...Found this old interview with Game from last year:

    At 16:15 they ask him about meeting Will Smith....He mentions Willow so I'm assuming those pictures were taken at the same time of the story he's telling...Basically said Pharrell was working on tracks for her, so.....Yea. I'm thinking that was a session for her that Game happened to be at? (He does talk about spending a lot of time with Pharrell while making his album, so it'd make sense)...

  4. http://www.sohh.com/2011/03/lupe_fiascos_lasers_projected_to_sell_24.html

    Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco's Lasers is reportedly en route to sell up to 240,000 copies in its first-week on store shelves.

    It's just a projection but if he manages to do that by the end of the week...HUGE Congrats to Lupe. Well deserved. The Album is REALLY good.
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