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  1. I'm driving back that night so won't be staying but will come back the next day as discussed
  2. I think that is still the plan Julie. No use changing dates if you've already booked time off!
  3. We are certainly looking forward to catching up with him again! Literally counting down the days!
  4. Jeff just uploaded a new promo video for it. Looks like there will be two London shows! 10 days apart!
  5. From Jeffs twitter Mr Vinyl Destination (@djjazzyjeff215) 14/09/2013 23:54 I'm gonna Post a Track up Every Week...Some New/Some Unreleased Hear and Follow @djjazzyjeff215 on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/djjazzyjeff?ut
  6. I'm disappointed Julie.... That took you 12 hours to respond! Your slacking!
  7. A certified classic! She was the perfect emcee/singer
  8. Will be good to see Mario again! Wanna see that tattoo in person!
  9. You just need to get the synching right and it will go! I have the mixtrack pro along with traktor! It's a great piece of kit! It's what used to mix my 'Feel Good Vibe' mixtape!!
  10. Not really a DnB fan but that mix was great!! Looking forward to our night out!!
  11. This was talked about here AJ '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> They wasn't reacting to Miley's performance at all!
  12. Raz-B, the 28-year-old founding member of B2K, remains on life support in China after his attempts to break up a fight after a performance went awry, according to MTV News, The Huffington Post and TMZ. The artist, whose real name is De'Mario Monte Thornton, was performing at a nightclub on Thursday when a fight erupted in the crowd and he was hit in the face with a glass bottle while trying to break it up, The Huffington Post reports. After Raz-B and his attacker were questioned by the police, the artist was taken to the hospital where he underwent minor surgery for a cut on his lip. He also had scratches on his face. Raz-B was released that night, but brought back to the hospital on Friday by backup dancers after he was unable to wake up, according to MTV News. The singer's publicist Toy Jones released a statement to TMZ saying, "He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible." The singer, known for singles like "Girlfriend," "Bump, Bump, Bump" and his role in the movie "You Got Served," has been injured in China before, according to MTV News. He fell through a glass window at a Shanghai Hotel in 2012, damaging his nerves.
  13. Joel Ortiz was the first to respond! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d3h3mkbg0M
  14. This has definitely sent shockwaves through the industry!! A lot of rappers are upset right now!
  15. I've always wanted to go on safari! This has made me want to go even more!
  16. I thought Skillz was done with music.. Good to see we got something new coming up
  17. Loved it. Looking forward to hearing this collaboration
  18. Is the Michael Jackson one you're talking about the one with Flex Alexander... If so that was a complete embarrassment... IMO the best biopic ever made was The Jacksons: An American Dream.. Even tho it was straight to TV as a mini series it was amazing! I have it on DVD I haven't seen the Hammer one tho
  19. This actually looks pretty good! It'll be interesting to see how they portray the story. I think they have cast this pretty much spot on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VWYM4i_0bk
  20. I'm very excited for this movie! This sounds like it will be my type of film!
  21. I need to rock a hat next time!! Tim and Kev clearly got the memo!
  22. I'm so pleased we all made the cut!!
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