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  1. He had to win! Well done Alfonso. Well deserved!
  2. This makes me very happy! Thank you for bringing this AJ! I love the fact they have gone back to using Immature as well. Cant wait for the album.
  3. Makes me want to consider getting a Wii U for it! Have they made a Mario game for it yet?
  4. Watched it all! Love the look of this one! I was a Mario Kart 64 fan through and through! I remember at one point having some of the best times in the country for some of those tracks! Looking forward to see some more vids
  5. Amazing right AJ! Crooked I and Em killed it for me. After Joey's loss on Total Slaughter I don't see him in the same light. I love it when Em comes like this. Let's hope the upcoming release stays on the same path!
  6. There is also ways of putting your criticism across. You probably could have put it across more constructive rather than the way you did. Give advice or maybe suggest ways someone could improve.. In the right way
  7. Awesome! So great to see big names reach out to people like that.
  8. That's what it's all about! Having fun with music. Keep doing that and naturally you will get better and better over time!
  9. definitely an improvement from your first recordings.. Just keep practising and working on your timing.
  10. So good to see battle rap getting this much attention! Some exciting things starting to happen for these battle emcees!
  11. That's pretty worrying... No effort going into promotion then..
  12. Finally. Not what I was expecting but I'm still intrigued to see in nonetheless
  13. this is dope on so many levels!! Wish I was there! we need more concerts like this!
  14. Memories!! I remember going nuts the first time I hear this and showing everybody that would listen at Uni.
  15. I agree.. I find it bizarre that we have not had any sort of teaser trailer, promotional interviews or anything to help build up a buzz for this movie. Based on the synopsis I'm really looking forward to the movie but marketing really needs to get underway to help make it a success.
  16. Wow! He looked like one of the professionals! This should be a walkover for him!
  17. Woah!!! Great track and video!! Dayne and Jeff make a great team! I'm digging Dayne's voice and flow
  18. That is the only thing keeping this from happening. Will has to do this. Not often do both Jeff AND Will have their diaries free to get together. If this happens... This could be magical
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