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  1. Oops¡¡¡...sorry...I didn't know it... :damnyou:
  2. Here's the (hilarious) link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KsMZeqImaE
  3. I hope it,because it was really great¡¡¡
  4. Hi¡Tonight Telecinco(a spanish broadcast)has aired an incredible documentary about Will.not only about Hancock,but also about all his career,with footage as The Fresh Prince (that I never seen before) playing "Girls ain't nothin..." and playing at Nelson Mandela's birthday too. They consider Will as legend and as the best actor alive¡¡¡ There's a link, but with only with the first minute of the documentary :shakehead: http://mitele.telecinco.es/programas/otros/32914.shtml
  5. Have a happy birthday¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :jazzy:
  6. Damn¡¡¡He looks and almost sounds like Michael Jackson¡¡¡
  7. I hope this movie won't be another WWW...
  8. Man...I think someone who loves the animals is something to respect for...
  9. Ok, I'll check my agenda, because I'm really really interested in this... :signthankspin:
  10. Damn¡¡¡Once again no news about Spain :shakehead:
  11. Amazing¡¡¡It would be great if someone could recorded it and share it¡¡¡ JJ&FP are back¡¡¡¡¡
  12. Maan¡¡¡I don't care if this movie will be a blockboster or not¡¡I will go to watch it¡¡¡ A superhero being an asshole and do whatever he wants to do...Great idea¡¡¡ :woowoo:
  13. Yeah, but I don't think Obama deserves a biopic, not yet. I wish he will become the new President and maybe after his presidence a movie would be more interesting... Will as Captain America?¡...maybe as the Hawk...
  14. That's just one of those "maybe films", but Will could be Barack Obama on a biopic of him. Obama said: "Will and I had talk about it, because he's got a lot of talent and appropiate ears too, he joked" . Here's the link (in spanish): http://www.actualidadcine.com/2008/02/28/w...e-barack-obama/ This web says too that Will will play Captain America,but I don't even think about this could be true... :susel[1]:
  15. That man is really smooth :rockon: :rockon:
  16. I hate you,man¡¡¡ In my defence, I must say that here in Spain April's fool is December 28th...but you got me¡¡¡ :gettinjiggywitit:
  17. Amy Winehouse's "Back to black". Her voice is amazing...
  18. It's on Rihanna's single "Music" too...
  19. Great news¡¡Just hope we can celebrate the opening of this movie with a new Will's/JJ&FP album¡¡
  20. Does Will hold the strike of Hollywood's writers and the boicot against The Golden Globes ?
  21. I saw it two days ago and I think is one of Will's best movies¡¡¡ And this time, with a partner who almost steal his thunder¡¡ : SAM...¡¡¡ And the end is really good..
  22. Obviously Will couldn't say that. He's brilliant and so clever... :susel[1]:
  23. Congratulations¡¡¡Next movie, if you know when and where in Spain is the premiere, please let me know¡¡¡ (I´m from valencia) PLEASEEEEEEE
  24. It looks very funny¡¡¡I had not too many hope about this film...but the trailer is great¡¡¡
  25. L&F is his best solo album but with any interest inside the music industry. I think Will is very disappointed with this fact. He gave his best, a lot of critics recognized it but its sales wasn't so big as they supposed to be. He likes to be the best and if he is not on top of the charts with his albums (just the opposite of his movie career) he'll stop to make music. :shakehead:
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