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  1. Medellín, COLOMBIA Land of Juanes, Shakira and...:speechless:...soft coffee. :kekeke:
  2. :bowdown: Gracias parcero!! pero cómo funciona? es un foro? me acabo de meter a la página a través del link pero no encuentro qué hacer, cómo me hago miembro? Gracias otra vez, ojalá funcione. :thumb: translation: Thanx buddy!! but how it works? is it a forum? I just opened the page and I can't find ways to participate in it, what can I do?
  3. I think the number 3 of part 2b refers to the third album of JJFP (...and in this corner) I don't see any number 1 (número uno) in part 2a, so here is what I got: Part 1: Why can't I part 2: See número uno parts 1 and 2 combined: Why can't I see número uno?
  4. OK, I think I got it: Part 1: NYC wait H Part 2: Itch Part 1 and 2 combined: NYC, Wait Hitch
  5. part 1-----> any witch :nhawong: does the part 1 forms a word or a sentence? c'mon give us some hint for solve part 2
  6. I got this from part 1 --------> Why can't I :ditto: but I can't figure out what it is, so I think is a matter of odd numbers and even numbers. Tim said this: "ive got lots of really rare articles and interviews that i cant put up on the site" and in part 2a there's lots of odd numbers. odd here has 2 meanings: 1) The numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.... 2) Rare, curious, strange. I got this from the part 3------> C=(3) third letter of the alphabet. so, a solution would be: Why can't I C ? That's odd.
  7. I think Shark Tale have good chances to win because of its story, which is mature-funny and it touches a lot of feelings: love, ambition, lies, homosexuality, social status and that kind of things. and the movie's visual art is sooo nice and funny too, I liked very much how the fish flakes changed of color. Shrek 2 was amazing too in both, story and animation, but Shrek 1 won an oscar a few years ago and I don't think the academy repeats. It would be cool to see a fish on stage receiving an oscar.
  8. december 11? :what: :kekeke: March 11 in Colombia means March 18 in Sweden! :)
  9. March 11 here (Colombia) :clapo: look at Puerto Rico!!! -------> Feb 10!! Why? Is Eva Mendez from Puerto Rico?
  10. Shark Tale 4 I Robot 5 Jersey Girl haven't seen it Bad Boys II 5 Men in Black II 3 Ali 4 The Legend of Bagger Vance 2.5 Wild Wild West 2 Enemy of the State 5 Men in Black 5 Independence Day 5 Bad Boys 5 Six Degrees of Separation 4 Made in America 3 Where the Day Takes You haven't seen it
  11. I remember Dr. Dre in an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air-----> when Will was waiting for an anginas surgery at hospital, FP was afraid and then he had a dream in which Dr. Dre said him something like: Don't worry, your name will be in my next album. It was cool, I thought they were friends, but what happened? :dunno:
  12. yeee! congrats Will! I only watched the show 1 time-----> the last year I guess. It airs on Fox Channel for latin America, but last Sunday I was searching for it and... nothing, maybe they'll air the show next week with subtitles in Spanish.
  13. 1. I robot 2. Shark tale 3. Shrek 2 4. Alien Vs. Predator 5. The polar Express 6. Bourne Supremacy 7. King Arthur 8. The Manchurian Candidate and maybe the new movie with Jim Carrey (Unfortunate Events), I haven't see it yet but maybe it is cool.
  14. :scared2: the stuff that a "horse" "eats" is very... u know, pretty dangerous, mmmh... u know, take care and be good. Peace.
  15. ¡¡¡ HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I hope all your wishes gets come true for 2005, have a good eve and a better tomorrow. Thanx to every1. cultural note: we use to make a rag puppet every year, that puppet is filled with gunpowder and then, at 12 o'clock, it gets burned. The puppet symbolizes all the bad feelings of 2004. The size of the puppet is like the size of an average person. It is petty dangerous but funny :kekeke: party all night! :drunk:
  16. yep Tim, Colombia can do that, but not many big artist come over here, u know, the violence situation, it is sad but true although sometimes it is exagerated by international press but when a big artist is coming, he/she is provided with the most high security level. Shaggy was here this year (in my city inclusive) and he was serve like a king. Metallica, Guns 'n roses, Shakira, The Offspring and many more were serve like kings too. I remember when Danny Glover came here to a film festival, everybody wanted to interview him and all that stuff. Well, mayb 1 day I will see to FP over here (performing live or promoting a movie). Just hope this could happen. peace.
  17. really? :lolsign: as ppl say somewhere around: the hope is the last thing that gets lost!
  18. maybe he was considered 4 that in preavious years :dunno:, but now the book says this: "Highest Annual Earning By a rap act: Eminem and rapper and producer Dr. Dre earned $35 million in 2002." and the biggest selling rap artist is 2Pac with album sales of 36 million. but Will isn't in the book 4 his music :sad6: the only references to the Grammy are 4 Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder with Most Grammy Awards Won By A Female Artist And A Solo Performer respectively. Arethe won 15 and Stevie 19.
  19. he will come to South America when pigs can fly :kekeke: lucky u, enjoy the tour. :ridepony: Thanx 4 the news. :clap:
  20. I've gotten the Guinness World Records 2005 book and I realized that Will is in it. in page 173 it says: "Highest annual earnings by an actor The world's top-earning actor is currently Will Smith (USA), who earned an estimated $60 million in 2002, according to the 2003 Forbes Celebrity 100 list" I wonder if he has been in the book previously. and in the same page there's another record (but it's not from Will): "Actor in most films grossing over $100 million at the box office Harrison Ford (USA) has starred in a total of 15 movies that have grossed over $100 million at the international box office..." I guess Will is close to the record of Harrison Ford, maybe FP can brake this record. :ali:
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