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  1. heres my list, in no order nas tupac eminem ll cool j rakim slick rick andre (benjamin) 3000 heavy D nas is my all time fav tho :w00t:
  2. i got one thing to say cuz im from chi-town GO BULLS
  3. took this on vacation in san fran last year.
  4. Now to me personally, this just pisses me off. Because im an LL fan. But i personally HATE 50, and dont at all understand why LL works with whoever's hot, instead of doing it alone. :shrug: Hes an amazing lyracist and a great rapper, but 50, he kinda sucks, wheres the flow? he doesnt rap about anything important, just stupid stuff. Now im kinda pissed, and kinda confused. :sick: Never retire or put my mic on the shelf, The baddest rapper in the history of rap itself, Not bitter or mad just provin Im bad, You want a hit give me a hour plus a pen and a pad. ^^ i want that Cool J back...
  5. good song, deep, from the heart, sounds like you mean it. every line probably meant something in your heart. keep up the writing. :2thumbs:
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