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  1. there's a new show on BET called BET Style and it's hosted by a video model named Melyssa Ford. She is in Will's video for 'Switch' so maybe she might metion something about being on the set. If they have a story on Will she might say somethin about it. Just a look out. I'll be watching it just in case.
  2. look at Will's hand around Jada in the 1st pic. It's huge! It's like the size of her waist!
  3. Perry is right. He's just demonstrating the difference between how Will rhymes and others. Also, cussing doesn't make u ignorant. Will cusses. A lot in some of his movies too. That doesn't make him sound ignorant. Sometimes a cuss word is needed to make emotion stronger. I'm the biggest Pac fan and I'm not offended by cussing at all. U can't diss rappers who choose to cuss. That's their thing. Intelligent rappers like the Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli all cuss many times. Does that make them and dumber? no.
  4. Check out www.wireimage.com, www.gettyimages.com, and www.abacausa.com 4 pics!
  5. some artists include Marilyn Manson, Jadakiss, Lloyd banks, Young Buck, Black Eyed Peas, Eve, d12, u2, sting, 2Pac, mya, Nine Inch Nails, Jurassic 5, the Hives, G-Unit, Dr. Dre, Beck, and ironically, Eminem. Will and Em are now label mates
  6. ok i heard it. all 4 verses were hot. Makes u miss Big Pun a lot more :(. Anyways, i know the order is Will, Pun, ?, then Cam'ron. Who's the guy doin the 3rd verse?
  7. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Sep 20 2004, 12:44 PM]it wasnt me that posted, but u can ask questions in a forum called ask alex. heres the link: www.mysteryclock.com/forum There are a lot of Will haters there.[/quote] ^^^they're not hatin on Will. some of them were real critical of him before I, Robot got released, but they've eased up a bit. They seem to be looking forward to another possible movie collab with Proyas and Will Smith.
  8. this is pretty old but here's the link... just click on will Smith [url="http://www.thebeatla.com/Content/Main.aspx?pageId=83"]http://www.thebeatla.com/Content/Main.aspx?pageId=83[/url]
  9. Nick Cannon is garbage. He's just a wannabe rapper. He's worse than Nelly.
  10. ^^^ok, well i totally agree nelly's music is garbage. But people who are considered big stars always have their names referred to. People who have mentioned Will (w/o dissing) include: P. Diddy, Nelly, Ludacris, Fat Joe, etc. The list goes on. But then again, look at pac and Biggie. People are always using their names to compare themselves. Accomplishing what Will has accomplished is a high level. Some people set their standards at what he's done. I agree it's pathetic for Nelly to call himself the next Fresh Prince so soon though.
  11. ^^^the first Bad Boys made about $150 million
  12. [quote=MooseKnuckles,Sep 16 2004, 11:10 AM]hes not dissin anybody...just seems like hes looking for a girl like will's got, hes jealous and it seems like hes given props to will for finding such a hot woman[/quote] ^^^exactly! As much as I hate Nelly's music, u guys gotta stop dogging him for just mentioning Will. Nelly has a lot of respect for him. He's been saying for years he wants to be the next Will Smith. Sure Nelly won't be the next Will Smith, but give the man some credit for doing what he does. Plus, it was a reference to Will and Jada's relationship. Nelly doesn't want Jada. He wants a strong woman alike her who will give him a lasting relationship. The Phillip Banks line is cheesy though.
  13. i think that's great for Will. He's been saying he wants to do some good in the world and knows he's not here on earth just to be an actor. Only a few Hollywood stars really reach out to humanitarian issues. Will seems to genuinely care about people so it's not a front. I could only name Angelina Jolie as the other ambassador (she's 4 the U.N.)
  14. can some one type out the lyrics? I can't hear it.
  15. [quote=willjadafan,Sep 15 2004, 03:57 AM]Will's currently in South africa with Jada and their kids, he confirmed the album comes out in January and that there's a song with Mary J, also with Ludacris, and that he sent a CD to Justin Timberlake, so there may be a collaboration.[/quote] when did he confirm the Ludacris collaboration?
  16. [quote=hiphoplover,Sep 15 2004, 08:51 AM]From when ludacris its a fan of jjfp man???i've never heard it[/quote] One of Ludacris' first concerts was actually the Beastie Boys/Geto Boys/JJFP concert.
  17. ^^^what "things" were said? Girl, u gotta let us know! Was he coming on 2 u or something?
  18. [quote=model,Sep 9 2004, 07:59 PM]I wish I knew when "SWITCH" video airs. If anyone knows please post on message board! The video shoot was alot of fun. It is full on dance video. Fatima choreographed moves for us (talent). The theme of the video/song is that everyone does the same movement called "switch" SWITCH is a dance but can't explain you just have to see it. Paul Hunter shot the video he is sooo talented and is truly a sweetheart. Some of the models to be shot were myself, Melissa ford, Esther Baxter, Tyiese, etc. There were also some great professional dancers. One girl named Eboni. That girl can DANCE!!!!! I can't wait until it airs! Peace. God bless.[/quote] wow... looks like all the well-known video girls came out for this one. Melyssa Ford and Esther Baxter are the 2 most sought after right now.
  19. He's in Tokyo promoting I, Robot links to pics: www.wireimage.com www.gettyimages.com Hope these work!
  20. P' Diddy's Naked Dinner ------------------------------------ Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has stunned guests at his Miami Beach party - by serving dinner on a naked woman. The hip-hop star, 34, was horrified when celebrity diners - at Sunday's (29AUG04) MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS (MVA) after-party - looked at the unusual table piece in disgust, until actor WILL SMITH lightened the mood by eating fruit from the nude beauty's body. A shocked guest says, "It was certainly an unusual buffet. I think everyone was a bit shocked to begin with, but then Will took some fruit and everyone joined in."
  21. looks like Will's date 4 the night was... eva mendes! [url="http://www.filmmagic.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=SRH&logsrch=1&sfld=C"]http://www.filmmagic.com/GalleryListing.as...ogsrch=1&sfld=C[/url] sorry can't get the direct link, but type Will's name in the search box
  22. all i know is that the Guiness World Book of Records recently named him the highest paid actor
  23. i thinks it's a bad idea. The premise is really corny. If Will wants to keep a good acting thing going, he should stick to better roles. He doesn't need another Wild, Wild West and this thing sounds like it. Plus he said he might not do MIB3 or another Sci-fi movie because after doing I, Robot, he felt a connection with the movie. He said he wants to do smarter movies with smarter elements which was what I, Robot had. He said there's something about I, Robot that really stood out to him
  24. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Aug 19 2004, 11:47 PM]:eek4: That title change is tragic!! Is that legit?! Where's the source?!?[/quote] got to imdb.com and type Will in the search box. All the movies he's done is listed including "Hitch"
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