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  1. "Hitch"!!! That's a really bad titile if you ask me. I liked the original title better. What do u guys think?
  2. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Aug 12 2004, 09:49 PM]When i saw this news...it waz bittersweet. Sure i wanna hear a new FP track on the soundtrack, but at the same time, i like keeping his music away from his movies. It seems the best way 2 go 2 me. However, actually taking Will off the soundtrack AND putting a D12 track on it...that's a huge DOWNGRADE. I get the feeling that FP backed away from the soundtrack tho'. I really don't think Dreamworks took him off it. I have nothing that supports that, i just think it waz his choice.[/quote] i was thinkin the same thing. I think it was his choice to not put his own song out for the soundtrack. I'm sure though that he's involved in it someway. He'll probably be the exec. producer or a producer for a few of the songs.
  3. he didn't say kids movies, he said more serious roles and dramas. He said he doesn't feel he needs to do those now but he'll save them for later.
  4. [quote=lambertj3,Aug 10 2004, 06:20 PM]I LOVE WILL but lets be honest jigga is more consistent and  50, and eminem are better than Tech9ne, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Black Thought  if not check soundscan for proof . p.s can't wait for the kanye -will collabo its gonna be hot.[/quote] 50 and Em are better because of Soundscan? Whch means sales=better rapper? I don't think so. So many rappers out there who sell a lot less or came into the game early are better than 50. No offense or anything. And AJ, LL Cool J has fallen waay off. He's not a good rapper anymore. His latest single Headsprung is junk. Jay-z Is better than LL for sure.
  5. jay z isn't as dumb as people think. Will said in a BET interview that he spent time with Jay-z and that Jay is really intelligent. He's one of the few rappers out there that isn't making crap like Chingy or Nelly. Also, 50 isn't one of the greatest rappers alive. Neither is Eminem. I could name some better: Tech9ne, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Black Thought are all better than 50 and Eminem and still alive. Jay-z in my opinion is a better rapper than Will. He's more consistent, where Will can go from good - poor to good again.
  6. ^^^the whole thing or just a quick shot? And can I ask if it was big? lol
  7. i have a question for those of in Austrailia, the Uk, or anywhere in Europe. There's been rumors going around that you guys see Will Smith's "thing" in the shower scene. Is that true or just a rumor? Cuz people here in the US have been saying "it's not fair that the people overseas get to see the full-frontal scene while we don't...blah blah" Just wondering
  8. [quote=mfuqua23,Aug 2 2004, 02:21 PM]U know when I 1st read that, I thought that was Hero1 talkin. But then I was like oh, he pasted from an interview. Next time, use quotes so I'm not confused. It'z all good. Kanye is cool. Sometimes a lil bit of an ego. I just hope that this "Jesus Walks" isn't just a way 2 come up. A lot like Jadakiss's 'Why". That song is so fake. Honestly, I'd believe Kanye b4 I'd believe Jadakiss.[/quote] i like Jadakiss a lot. I don't think "Why" is fake. Maybe who knows. Will also said on 106 and Park that the new Jadakiss album is really good.
  9. xzibit's also in a new deoderant commercial, has his own hit tv-show on MTV called "pimip my ride" and is co-starring with Ice Cube in XXX2 (a movie). All of those have nothing to do with music. The reason why he has poor record sales is people don't care about him anymore. He hasn't had a hit record since like, 2000. He's jealous, but I don't think he has a personal problem with Will. He just feels piracy is wrong and that makes sense.
  10. if you go to the I, robot official website (www.irobotmovie.com) they give you info about eBay auctions. There's some props from the movie and stuff from Will. Just 2 let yall know
  11. I was listening to the radio today and there was a radio ad for I, Robot. Soon after the commercial, they said MTV will be doing an I, Robot special on July 12 (i think) or the 13th. Will is gonna host some behind the scenes thing on I, Robot. Just to let u all know
  12. Go to gettyimages.com, wireimage.com, lfi.co.uk, and splashnews.com for new pics of Will on the set of his movie. It looks like Will and Eva Mendes are gettin pretty close haha
  13. he's been on TRL a lot before IN PERSON. He is still filming "last first kiss" so probably scheduling conflicts. Plus, I Robot doesn't open for 2 more weeks so he'll be promoting on more talk shows and make more appearances next week to promote I, Robot. He might have rescheduled an appearance on TRL for next week. He probably will do more promotion in NY since he's filming there
  14. timBAland not timbERland. Sorry... i gotta correct that
  15. Will Smith showed some love to the cast and crew of his movie, "The Last First Kiss" on Friday. We hear the actor spent $200,000 on a party at the Maritime Hotel's Hiro ballroom for director Andy Tennant, co-stars Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Michael Rapaport and Amber Valletta, as well as Jason Giambi, Maxwell, Stephen Dorff and Ray Romano. Besides laying on a six-hour open bar, Smith sang "Miami" and break-danced... from nydailynews
  16. Will is gonna be on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno on July 7th! His costar from I, Robot Shia LaBeouf is also gonna be on Leno July 6th.
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