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  1. The sow in belgium is cancelled but they're still selling the ticket I'll never understand the FNAC..; :ShockRifle: :tantrum:
  2. I pre-order mine but I'll only get it next week may 16th , the day of JJ's show , I hope that I'll receive before going to the show :gettinjiggywitit:
  3. I'm sure :gettinjiggywitit:
  4. They finally received the tickets I got my place, I 'm so happy , I pre-ordered the album but I'll receive it on may 16th , the day of JJ's show lol
  5. i feel the same thing :1-say-yes: I already start playing it in my show , this song is really awesome
  6. i found over internet that he'll be in belgium may 16 but I still can't buy places, when i go to the FNAC they say that they wille be no shows with JJ but the show is on their website
  7. It's cool for you man very nice picts I hope I'll have the same chance next month! :p
  8. You can also check this song He made some drops for me he is really cool
  9. I listened to the album I also made a listening party during my radio show , the album i s not bat , he got Jamie foxx on one song and some others french rappers like Booba,Eloquence, DJ Skalp produced most of the tracks , globaly the album is not , he made a personal album, talking about himself, his life and so and so , there are some wack songs just like "Balance toi"(I'd translate it "shake your body"), but I love the others songs especially the one with jamie foww "effet papillon"("butterfly effect")", "La famille"("the familly") , "bienvenue dans le texas"(welcome to texas) this last one is good for club.Even if , according to most of french rappers there's no special message talking about ghettos or violence or something else like that in his tracks , i think that the album is typically TP lol , for those who want to listen to that you can check : http://tpmusic.skyblog.com/ and for his first video click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmxVNTLGbOY
  10. yeah especially when you know that they'll surely put the same video after lol
  11. I love the pic in your signature :1-say-yes:
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