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  2. don't know why I wasted/am wasting 30 mins of my life watching this chick, but she seriously just sat here and said TV work was too easy, she doesn't even know why she did it, she's used to working so much harder(in an 'it was so beneath me' tone of voice)....but you spent the last 15 yrs.? bitching about a tv job? she keeps talking about Will's ego, but listening to her in this interview it sounds like she needs to pull her head out of her ass for real.
  3. i'm mad his fro is lopsided, shape it up Jaden, lol
  4. Willow is awesome, lol. thanks for that Julie, I hate when you can't view a vid outside of the country
  5. fixed it for you. :) I think Jada shot this down a couple weeks ago, she said some director or something was trying to get them on Broadway but they're doing other stuff right now, something like that
  6. those shoes! I want, lol. she was cracking me up "no I don't member"
  7. I remember this, he was three and they woke him up in the middle of the night, i'd be pissed too, lol.
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  9. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdql3q_21619215_webcam#from=embed?start=60
  10. Those pics were taken from myspace/twitter/facebook, etc. I believe they just started a different one (whoever it is), there's been a surge of fake Jadens since KK came out as well. strange stuff.
  11. Charlie first out the limo, you don't mess with him! lol seriously though, that's crazy.
  12. Will performing a little bit of summertime http://video.sina.com.cn/p/ent/m/c/2010-06-16/232761034737.html
  13. LOL. honestly it seems like someone who may know them or their whereabouts, which makes it that much more creepy imo. I mean W&J may be a little different in their parenting, but I don't see them letting their kid play on twitter all hrs. of the day. i don't know, just weird...
  14. y'all probably don't care but, the twitter mystery continues: Clarification....Willow & Jaden don't have twitters...I've talked to them about impersonators! http://twitter.com/EyeOfVictoria so jackie's assistant and taraji have both confirmed on their twitters
  15. lmao I know what it is literally guys, that was just my reaction when I saw it like 'really? so random' y'all crack me up sometimes
  16. What is this? lol Game Ft T.I. And Robin Thicke – Pushin’ It Lyrics [The Game] I let your friends talk bad about you I didn’t lisso (listen) behind your back calling you a H to the Izzo I apologise lay your head on the pillow Mr and Mrs Smith and we can have a little Willow she can shave the sides put a couple lines in it and we can have spitzers put a couple limes in it throw a Bar Mitzvah put a couple dimes in it she go see a Drake show but never out of line with it lyrics courtesy of www.killerhiphop.com so very chance I get n-gga I’m in it deep sea diving trying to see what I can find in it so its mine illy and thats a Porsche aint it so picture that and have Andy Warhol paint it I’m a rude boy so Imma go get it up Rihanna post Chris Matt Kemp baby this is us so talk to me have you ever been to Cannes yeah South of France next stop Japan lets go… [Chorus] [End] full lyrics and audio here: http://www.killerhiphop.com/game-pushin-it-lyrics/
  17. I'll take your word for it Ale but I'm still not convinced about that twitter, lol apparently Jaden's rapping on some song for the KK soundtrack, i'm praying he doesn't become as overexposed as this Bieber boy, i'm so sick of that child
  18. lots of clips & interviews http://www.moviejungle.com/GroupVideos.aspx?GroupID=272757c5-891a-421e-83b5-df4ec4117aca
  19. Happy Birthday dude, have a great one. :)
  20. ok not to be debbie downer but are y'all 100% sure that twitter is real? I remember taraji tweeting about that one and a fake Jaden after she talked to Will and Jada, and those twitpics come from different places around the net, (even from Kyle's twitter with the captions changed) , just seems fishy. I'm curious if the neptunes post was made before or after everyone else was tweeting about it that night, and the pics popped up. I hate to see the whole forum get hyped up just to get duped. I don't have a twitter though so maybe somebody else knows better than I do. I'm curious as to what they were working on, guess we'll find out sooner or later.
  21. Jaden Smith Surprises Ellen with His 'Karate Kid' Moves! http://ellen.warnerbros.com/2010/05/jaden_smith_surprises_ellen_with_his_karate_kid_moves_0518.php and we know he didn't learn to dance from his daddy, lol
  22. I meant "smith family" was a trending topic.
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