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  1. Thank you guys, i'm having a great day
  2. Will wasn't there for Willow's whole UK tour Jada was, and she's been to plenty of Trey's games in the past. Sheree splits time between L.A. and San Diego to be with Trey, he does live with Will and Jada part of the time. He's not in the spotlight like his sibs and he's older, so it's natural not to see him with his famous parents as often.
  3. Wow, that's a huge conclusion to jump to, Trey lives with them part of the time. I've never known Will to play favorites with his kids, or Jada for that matter.
  4. http://www.handbag.com/celebrity/entertainment/movie/jada-pinkett-smith-interview
  5. c'mon now, you say that like she's a fan of her drug use. Jada loved Pac and we all know how high he got, doesn't mean there was nothing about him to like or admire.
  6. Michael Vartan got married yesterday, it's possible Jada was at his wedding. Idk for sure though.
  7. that's cool. you're famous now Tim, lol.
  8. yeah I don't like the naked face or just the mustache
  9. Why would she be hiding from the paparazzi when they've been dealing with them for weeks now? lol Maybe she was cold, or having a bad hair day. I think people get a kick out of thinking the worst about that kid, she's being called a 'diva' & 'too grown' on another board just because she wearing a frigging scarf. I don't like the 'stache on Will, but then again i'm extremely unexcited about the movie anyway so...
  10. From the looks of things Jaden didn't need twitter. Why is he calling random people and playing around on tinychat at all hrs.? Hope somebody puts a stop to that soon, I wonder if W&J even know he has a twitter
  11. I love your nonchalance there Julie. lmao
  12. that was hilarious. "Drums please!...wait that's Summertime" LMAO I remember when she and Will did that Jet magazine interview after Legend and they asked her what was her favorite movie her dad's done, and she was like "Black Men something...oh Men In Black" lol
  13. Sounds like something kids will like (and some adults) it's a girl power type song aimed at Willow's target demo (tweens/teens.) While it may not be as big as WMH without the crossover type appeal I wouldn't count it out as a hit. I'm curious to see the video and her live performance of it on Oprah.
  14. @ LAX headed to the UK http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/sF152SGIq2Y/Smith+family+departure http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/willow-smith/willow-smiths-pre-oscar-family-travels-480971
  15. Oprah tapes tomorrow, it should air next week or the week after On another note, I can't watch that vid because Katy Perry has to be one of the most obnoxious human beings on the planet
  16. I thought they looked great at the premiere, I love Jada and Willow's hair and it was nice to see them supporting Justin. Those kids have lots of friends their age, kids they grew up with and have known all their lives. Jaden's performing at the Grammys Sunday so it'll probably be another family affair.
  17. Happy birthday Tim hope it was a good one, who knows maybe your dream will come true in some form or fashion. lol
  18. Jada and the kids are nominated for 2011 NAACP Image Awards Jada: Outstanding Drama Series Detroit 1-8-7 ABC Grey's Anatomy ABC HawthoRNe TNT Law & Order: Special Victims Unit NBC Treme HBO Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Chandra Wilson Grey's Anatomy ABC GuGu Mbatha-Raw Undercovers NBC Jada Pinkett Smith HawthoRNe TNT Regina King Southland TNT Wendy Davis Army Wives Lifetime Willow: Outstanding New Artist B.o.B Rebel Rock/Grand Hustle/Atlantic Bruno Mars Elektra Records Jason Derulo Warner Bros. Records Nicki Minaj Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown Willow Roc Nation/Columbia Records Outstanding Music Video Fistful of Tears Maxwell Columbia Records Soldier of Love Sade Epic Records Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) Alicia Keys J Records Whip My Hair Willow Roc Nation/Columbia Records Why Don't You Love Me Beyoncé Knowles Columbia Records Jaden: Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture Anthony Mackie Night Catches Us Magnolia Pictures Common Just Wright Fox Searchlight Pictures Denzel Washington The Book of Eli Warner Bros. Pictures Jaden Smith The Karate Kid Columbia Pictures Morgan Freeman Red Summit Entertainment I think they'll be in Europe when the show airs, so I'm not sure they'll make it
  19. d6762cc2a185a9e32f556d59884de1a0
  20. Will has some goofy children, lol http://xfactor.talktalk.co.uk/video.html?id=17305037709B http://xfactor.talktalk.co.uk/video.html?id=17080599109B
  21. Behind the Scenes of Whip my Hair Video
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