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  1. it airs at different times depending on where you live, I get it at 9am and 11:05pm. also some of the interview posted on the site didn't air on the show so check out both if you can.
  2. that was an awesome interview, lots of stuff (pics/interviews/video) at: http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/Will-Smith-Jada-Pinkett-Smith-and-the-Whole-Family
  3. it's not old it's from last week, it was all over twitter. I thought it had been posted already.
  4. so I haven't watched the show in forever, watching the episode where Will basically turns Phil into a slumlord, and him and Jazz do the presentation with the Jamaican music and wigs on: Will: "I get the feelin' you not takin' me seriously Uncle Phil" Phil: "Oh i'm sorry Whoopi" lmao
  5. my bad guys, it pops right up for me. try this one or just put Will's name in the search http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/celebs/c117318_will_smith.html#videoSection
  6. preview vid http://www.eonline.com/videos/v53708_Will_Smith_Talks_Family_Life.html
  7. lmao @ the one who bust out with Summertime
  8. Happy Birthday AJ, have a great one, reppin for the Taurus! :)
  9. thanks you guys, I had a great one!
  10. Jada doing a couple photoshoots for Hawthorne: http://www.tnt.tv/dramavision/?oid=57304 http://www.tnt.tv/dramavision/?cid=47859 she's killing me with the stilettos on the treadmill, lol
  11. http://www.reelzchannel.com/trailer-clips/46666/the-karate-kid-interview
  12. clip 1: http://www.moviefone.com/movie/the-karate-kid/35823/video/the-karate-kid-clip-no-1/73664599001
  13. ^lmao @ "in my prime" dude you're 11 yrs. old. he really loves to quote his dad. more vids from showest: http://www.traileraddict.com/tags/the-karate-kid-2010
  14. np. poor Jada, from essence mag's twitter: #BWH Jada Pinkett Smith celebrates Queen Latifah. Her father passed away last week, but she had to be here today. Jada breaks down. #BWH Queen Latifah goes up on stage to comfort a crying Jada Pinkett Smith. "She is showing you who she is. This is my girl." on the red carpet http://videos.essence.com/
  15. Natural Beauty Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith on the red carpet at the 3rd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. essence.com gallery added http://photos.essence.com/galleries/black_women_in_hollywood_2010
  16. I don't think the fb is real, but whoever wrote that has too much damn time on his hands, i've read much worse about him though, just look at imdb.
  17. While I don't necessarily think remakes take away from originals, I just don't understand why someone with Will's career success is rumored to be tied to so many remakes, prequels, and sequels. With his box office draw it seems kinda weird there's less original material going around, and if anybody's getting scripts it's him. that's just my opinion though, and I know a lot of these are just rumors or ideas being thrown around.
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