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  1. You're pretty much illustrating the point I was making about double standards. Jaden started training for and filming KK (in which he had a staring role) when he was 10 almost 11, a year older than Willow is now. Months after the film came out on dvd he was still(and might still be) touring with JB, either way you look at it, they're all child performers. One could argue that at 10/11 Jaden had no business carrying a movie because of his 'judgement'. We'll have to go the "agree to disagree" route as well b/c I don't think I ten year old child can't have a style or opinion of their own, that's honestly one of the most bizarre things i've heard in a long time. Their parents are there to guide them and make sure they don't get overwhelmed, and so far they seem to be doing fine, time will tell best. anyway ONTDhas scans of the EW Entertainers of the Year the kids are featured
  2. ITA AJ. And the fact that Jaden recorded a song, shot a video and toured the country with Justin Bieber, (and didn't get nearly as much backlash) just makes me think a lot of the criticism toward Willow is filled with double standards. It's one thing to say she can't sing or you don't like her song but the amount of vitriol against her (not necessarily in this forum) makes me shake my head sometimes.
  3. Raven Symone and Jackie Evancho said to tell you guys hi, lol. Hmm, odd is not a word I would use, though I do understand the concern people have for her age. I think it was on Access Hollywood she was asked if she was ready to do this forever, and she said "we'll see how it goes" so it seems like she's not limiting herself to this or basing her whole life on it. I guess I just don't worry about their kids being in the business because of the type of people/parents Will and Jada seem to be.
  4. The Mirror? lol I'll wait for a more legit source on that one, I didn't think Simon liked kids that much "The Talk" interview was a quick one Jada just talked about the kids and Will a little.
  5. I agree she def. sang live (with back up singers, they were up in the rafters) From the way the track was layed (overlapping vocals) she can't sing it all on her own in a live performance. I thought it was good for someone her age she has stage presence and energy, if she keeps at it she'll only get better.
  6. Willow Smith Visits DJ Envy On Power 105.1 In NYC she is the sweetest, I love how she describes W&J as "pretty awesome" lol
  7. thanks for posting Gosia, apparently the label got at the site I linked, lol. I'm loving this video, she killed it.
  8. Nicki and Jukebox (the producer) both confirmed it on twitter, it's actually a verse from a song she did with another artist, she even shouts out the lady (Pearl) in the verse. The official video is supposed to come out next week.
  9. It's not an official remix, it's fanmade. There's about 3 or 4 of them floating around.
  10. Willow! Your new song "Whip My Hair" is making big news in America right now! I just want to wish my daughter Willow (ahem Will and Jada, I am adopting her) a big congratulations on your big success. I heard you are signed to Roc Nation, Jay-Z's music label. I met Jay-Z a few months ago in LA and he's a good guy. You and your brother Jaden have star quality and I know you two are going to be HUGE. Will and Jada, watch out! I miss you all. Love, Jackie Smith http://jackiechan.com/scrapbook/1073547--Special-Message-from-Jackie-for-Willow-Smith
  11. Willow Smith 'Whip My Hair' Producer JUKEBOX 1st Exclusive Interview!
  12. I love Hawthorne. IMO it's improved a lot in season 2, and it's the only drama on tv right now with a AA woman in the lead not to mention executive producing. I'm happy for Jada, she puts a lot into her family so it's nice she has something for herself and I love that she's back on tv.
  13. took her long enough, I was waiting for that, lol. thanks Ale.
  14. I was mad I even bothered to watch. Honestly? 2010 BET Awards >>> 2010 VMA's
  15. Will Smith's daughter Willow stops by Big Boy's Neighborhood she is so sweet, seems like doing "Scary Story" with Daddy inspired her
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr7GcIgSYcI&feature=player_embedded the talent in this fam is ridic, cute & age appropriate
  17. The paps must be camped out at that hotel, there's a few other celebs staying there too. Lol @ you going all Loretta, Julie. lmao you're killing me, you sound like a distraught hairdresser. Guess what that was a wig during the KK tour too, lol. Her Hawthorne hair is real, you'll be happy to know it's probably all still under there somewhere.
  18. lmao it's just a wig dude, and her bra (or lack thereof) is none of your business pal haha
  19. I love reading Jackie's diary entries. Willow seems like such a great kid, I really don't get all the hate towards her, apart from a lot of it being based on her appearance (haircut, clothes). I get tired just reading all that Jackie does, that dude is a beast for real.
  20. her Kimmel interview doesn't air til next week Ale :) Monday I think
  21. Happy Birthday Julie, have a great one!
  22. they're in Norway b/c of the director Harald Zwart, I think there's a Paris premiere and that's it, then Jada said they were gonna go on vacation
  23. I read part of an interview he did and he sounds like an @sshole father too, what a winner
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