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  1. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Mar 30 2004, 10:59 AM]Man, TopDawg has alot of stuff i want!! :::puts ski-mask on and heads over 2 his crib 2 steal them:::[/quote] yeah thats a dope collection.. i probably got half of what topdawg has... okay i gotta put my collection up in a few days.. jim that jjfp forever is topdawgs personal mix cd he made
  2. yeah ive got a cd/mp3 player as well.. you just get a normal cd-r and u can fit up to 700 meg on there which normally works out to abt 140 songs or so.. u just burn all the mp3s u might have on ur computer on to the cd.. u can burn cds to mp3 with windows media player i think? i use musicmatch jukebox myself..which u can get from www.download.com
  3. hey will is still the same guy even after all the fortune and fame ..as aj says thats why im still a fan.. any1 who comes in contact with will says the same things..real down to earth..really nice guy..and a family man ..and will takes nothing for granted..and deserves all the success he has got..i think the song still applies..dont be a hater and judge him because of whatever car he has etc etc
  4. hey top dawg have u got this william becton cd that has kenny lattimore on sum traxs? id also reccomend you check out encore - layover its a real good new rap album.. it has ladybug mecca from digable planets on it.. and you know its more thoughtful lyrics with a tribe early 90s kinda sound... but theres definitely been a lack of good new rap albums this last year thats 4 sure... :dunno:
  5. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Mar 29 2004, 10:52 PM][quote=freshstecki,Mar 29 2004, 09:12 PM] I think Jazzy Jeff produced also a beat 4 a monie love song called "boys from the hood"... does anyone knows more about dat?[/quote] Ahh...u are talking about "Work It Out" from the Boyz 'N The Hood soundtrack, which i do have. I just 4got 2 update my collection on the night i got it. [/quote] and thats a really good track :rock: :rock: sounds very homebasey
  6. [url="http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2004-03-28-showest_x.htm"]http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2...8-showest_x.htm[/url] you can check an audio clip there Will Smith had conventioneers singing an ad-libbed homage to his upcoming film, I, Robot, as part of 20th Century Fox's presentation. The studio's other featured films include the weather disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, Garfield and Alien vs. Predator. "As an actor, some of the movies you make, basically, you shouldn't have," Smith said. "But I feel great about this one."
  7. this track is perfection.... SHAQ, DENZEL, QUINCY JONES !!
  8. some of my fav games ssx 3 prince of persia tiger woods splinter cell
  9. Hero1

    Round 2

    yo dont be using my name if you cant come with the game coming up lame like a broken down horse of course your forced to eat this main course of lyrical delights that supports flippin off taunts lookin at the front door like main source and when i step out i step to you and your weak crew just to defeat you try to battle me its a no-no especially now your rapping solo no w3 to have ya back now time to hang up ya raps now cause you're just left in the dust dont matter if ya rapping from dawn to dusk no1 would even bother readin ya rhymes truss that im getting put through to the final cause they know i can bust that incredible flow fast rap to slow prepared to build and to grow skill improvement included in this rhyming design schemes to enlighten ya mind time after time keeping this forum alive as i strive to be put in my place yeah no mins to waste im gettin a taste that few know whats its like to be numero uno
  10. "prince" says hes gonna be away for a couple of weeks cause hes going skiing and then tonight on the news they had prince charles and harry at the snow..in all there ski gear :eek4: :eek4: coincidence :cwm: i think not :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  11. okay everyone tell me how good this track is... :poke: this song was almost ahead of its time... wills basically saying it doesnt matter how big a star he is..hes still just a regular guy.. i think this is probably the most relevant song 2day from wills back catalogue..add to that the unbelievable beat by jazzy..the chorus with jeff on the vocals..and we got a classic :rock: :rock: :peace: twinkle twinkle little star.......
  12. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Mar 27 2004, 06:57 AM]but its kinda like when you ask ur mum for something and she says "we'll see" and then it never happens. that always means no.[/quote] :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  13. lookin at that caption contest got me thinking..that album cover is perfect! the colors totally match the vibe of the album! and will and jeff clowning... i think it sums it up perfectly..bright sunny happy fun ahhh the early 90s!! u cant beat 91 for positive rap and good times
  14. i dont think we are ever gonna get a new jjfp album unless will and jeff put the time aside to make one.. we do atleast know that the new album will contain sum new jjfp traxs..and frankly i cant wait to hear em!! its been a long wait...
  15. will: lets have a fake conversation for the album cover jeff: why? will: they cant hear us
  16. haha that should be funny.. tell us what she says :poke:
  17. if u just signed up..and u havent made a post...welcome :wavey: and why dont you introduce yourselves here? this forum will only be better..if everyone joins in :grouphug: and yes this is going out 2.. mzmarie022 Fresh&Jazz4Eva SexyLambo Chief CouchPotatoCentral Rick_Hunter SEALK Schnazz G-69 davidventura kwill02 Fresh:Dane JSLsmith Grayson gosia Kvasimoto lambertj3 kryptic FreshPrince BadBoy4Life BigA Members ulteamatom
  18. LL Cool J Queen Latifah Pete Rock & CL Smooth whodini public enemy epmd q-tip
  19. :rock: :rock: i think you just named my favorites :afro: id also throw in jazzys groove
  20. wow that was close :rock: :rock:
  21. [quote=bigted,Mar 24 2004, 07:23 AM]People give Dr.Dre more respect than Will in the hip-hop game, but Dre hasn't released an album in 5 Years now! Will should take his time and start his own record label, 'cause he's rich enough! Do the damn thing, Will! He can make a classic album in his sleep. Holla![/quote] hey ted will did start his own label overbrook records..those signed to it were mc lyte/breeze/tra-knox/kel spencer... but the major problem overbrook had was distribution!! the only album that was ever released on overbrook was the wild wild west soundtrack.. all the other albums never came out through interscope... and then tra-knox signed to dreamworks and they still havent come out....
  22. Off The Mark Will Smith's new sci-fi gets the go ahead 24 March 2004 Will Smith is one actor who has done pretty well from the science fiction genre. Hitting the big time with Independence Day and following swiftly with Men in Black, Smith made his mark in Hollywood standing on alien corpses and he'll continue to do sci-fi proud with his upcoming I, Robot and long-in-development project, The Mark, which has just been given the greenlight. Rolling around the development phase since 1998, the film has now been adapted by Reign of Fire scribes Gregg Chabot and Kevin Peterka. The film will see Smith as an average chap who inherits a strange mark, passed to his body from that of a dead confederate soldier. Fulfilling every teenage boy's fantasy, the mark bestows upon the wearer an array of special powers. But, as with all such things, there is a price and Smith must suppress the urge to use his powers for evil. The action won't end there, however, as the film is destined to be a starting point for an animated TV series featuring the superhuman character.
  23. to me the greatest strength of born to reign was the lyrics... what will was saying and talking about .. in that regard some of his best lyrics.. willow is a player was very clever... 1000 kisses/maybe showed his love for jada... he still threw in sum classic fresh prince in i gotta go home/give me tonite .. i think the album really shows how highly will values family...
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