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  1. That was absolutely awesome! I loved how Sam Jackson made fun of Will for not doing Django!
  2. Jeff has consistently said he wants to be with the artist in the studio to record, not just send people beats.
  3. January was the one time Will & Jeff could have got together to record. Jeff went and did an Asian tour for a month, now in February Will starts shooting his next movie for 6 months. Really disappointing...
  4. It's Jeff's birthday in 9 days.. can you think of anything cool we can do for him?
  5. The budget was only $35 million but that's the lowest will smith opening ever... He's pretty much thrown his movie career away lately.. I think suicide squad wIll be huge but the next "will smith movie" that comes out I don't think people will be looking for it
  6. This was pretty cool... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYu8HgWJ9QU
  7. Date Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross /Theaters Opening / Theaters Rank 12/25/15 Concussion (2015) Sony n/a 2,841 n/a 2,841 24 2/27/15 Focus (2015) WB $53,862,963 3,323 $18,685,137 3,323 18 5/31/13 After Earth Sony $60,522,097 3,401 $27,520,040 3,401 16 5/25/12 MIB 3 Sony $179,020,854 4,248 $54,592,779 4,248 7 12/19/08 Seven Pounds Sony $69,951,824 2,758 $14,851,136 2,758 14 7/2/08 Hancock Sony $227,946,274 3,965 $62,603,879 3,965 4 12/14/07 I Am Legend WB $256,393,010 3,648 $77,211,321 3,606 2 12/15/06 The Pursuit of Happyness Sony $163,566,459 3,169 $26,541,709 2,852 8 2/11/05 Hitch Sony $179,495,555 3,575 $43,142,214 3,575 6 10/1/04 Shark Tale (Voice) DW $160,861,908 4,070 $47,604,606 4,016 9 7/16/04 I, Robot Fox $144,801,023 3,494 $52,179,887 3,420 10 7/18/03 Bad Boys II Sony $138,608,444 3,202 $46,522,560 3,186 11 7/3/02 Men in Black II Sony $190,418,803 3,641 $52,148,751 3,557 5 12/25/01 Ali Sony $58,203,105 2,521 $14,710,892 2,446 17 11/3/00 The Legend of Bagger Vance DW $30,919,168 2,162 $11,516,712 2,061 20 6/30/99 Wild Wild West WB $113,804,681 3,342 $27,687,484 3,342 12 11/20/98 Enemy of the State BV $111,549,836 2,517 $20,038,573 2,393 13 7/2/97 Men in Black Sony $250,690,539 3,180 $51,068,455 3,020 3 7/3/96 Independence Day Fox $306,169,268 2,977 $50,228,264 2,882 1 4/7/95 Bad Boys Sony $65,807,024 2,132 $15,523,358 2,132 15 if you look at Will's opening weekends concussion only beats bagger vance..
  8. star wars 150 million daddys home 31 million joy 20 million concussion 12 million point break 10 million That has to be one of Will's lowest box office openings ever...
  9. This was really good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13TznUfhdgc
  10. This is amazing! It's like I've been transported back to 1993!
  11. It's so good to see Jeff Goldblum in a huge blockbuster like this.. I was skeptical but it looks good!
  12. No they'd normally do like a 45 minute to an hour set. If they were the headline act they'd do 90 minutes though.
  13. I know Ale posted the link but people may have missed it... Will Smith on New Music, Tour & the Industry: 'It's Much More ADHD -- Unless You're Adele' 12/3/2015 by Melinda Newman Count Will Smith as one of Adele’s millions of admirers. “Love that record,” he tells Billboard of her record-breaking 25. But don’t expect him to go down the same album path as the British chanteuse as he readies new music and preps for this summer’s reunion tour with Jazzy Jeff. “I have a bunch of songs. I don’t know if I’ll do an album. I‘m looking for a really clever and creative way to release the music,” he says, adding that he’s been paying attention to how his teenage children, Willow and Jaden, absorb music. “I’ve been watching my kids, and they don’t do albums anymore. Just the way that people consume music is really different than go out and buy 12 songs, 14 songs, and listen all the way through in one setting. It’s much more ADHD -- unless you’re Adele.” Smith’s last studio album release was Lost and Found, which came out in 2005 on Interscope and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. Will Smith Returns to Charts, Joining Bomba Estereo on Hot Latin Songs Smith, who performed “Fiesta” with Bomba Estereo at the Latin Grammys last month, is in the midst of a press blitz for Concussion. In the real-life film, which opens Christmas Day, Smith plays Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who discovered the link between NFL players and their debilitating brain injuries caused by years of concussions and hard hits. He admits it’s a little “schizophrenic” plugging his role, for which he’s an Oscar contender; making music, and planning his outing with Jazzy Jeff, but he has total clarity on how eager he is to get back in front of a live audience. “I’m just getting to the point that there are things I love to do and I just want to go and I want to do it,” says Smith, 47. “There’s nothing that compares to being onstage with a hit record. Those first couple of seconds when people recognize the song and it’s the one they’ve been waiting for, there’s nothing in entertainment that matches that feeling. So I’m really looking forward to getting out there this summer and performing.”
  14. They used to sell signed stuff on jeff's official web site. Best thing to do though is go to one of Jeff's shows and get it signed yourself. He's more than happy to do it.
  15. This looks good. Good script, Good director.
  16. There is a rumour that JJFP will be performing at bestival next year: http://2015.bestival.net/info "Bestival takes place between Thursday 8th and Sunday 11th September 2016 at Robin Hill Country Park near Newport on the lovely Isle of Wight"
  17. Hero1

    Concussion Released

    Concussion is in cinemas today!
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