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  1. From the album: JJFP.com history

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  2. Hero1

    2012 with the London crew

    From the album: JJFP.com history

    The web site from 2005 onwards. Code Red images and an orange theme.

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  3. From the album: JJFP.com history

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  4. From the album: JJFP.com history

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  5. From the album: JJFP.com history

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  6. New Trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNCvaa-RogQ
  7. I actually did this in 2003. JAZZYJEFFFRESHPRINCE.COM PROUDLY PRESENTS THE TOP 100 JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE TRACKS -2003- 1. Summertime 2. Magnificent Jazzy Jeff 3. Brand New Funk 4. Twinkle Twinkle 5. The Rain 6. I'm Looking for the One 7. Potnas/Interlude 8. Somethin Like Dis 9. I'm All That 10. I Wanna Rock 11. Touch of Jazz 12. Live at Union Square 13. Charlie Mack 14. Jus Kickin It 15. You Saw My Blinker 16. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble 17. Parents Just Don't Understand 18. Men In Black 19. He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper 20. Jazzys Groove 21. This Boy Is Smooth 22. Then She Bit Me 23. Rock The House 24. Jeff Waz On The Beat Box 25. It's All Good 26. I'm Comin 27. Ain't No Place Like Home 28. Rhythm Trax - House Party Style 29. D.J. On The Wheels 30. Pump Me Up 31. Numero Uno 32. Jazzy's In The House 33. Getting' Jiggy Wit It 34. Here We Go Again 35. Don't Say Nothin' 36. You Got It (Donut) 37. Too Damn Hype 38. Just The Two of Us 39. Holla Back 40. Time To Chill 41. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson 42. Just Rockin 43. So Fresh 44. The Things That U Do 45. I Loved You 46. Men Of Your Dreams 47. Yes Yes Y'all 48. Code Red 49. From Da South 50. Boom! Shake The Room 51. Wild Wild West 52. Trapped On The Dance Floor 53. Girlie Had A Mustache 54. Shadow Dreams 55. Pump Up The Bass 56. Lovely Daze 57. Just Cruisin' 58. Don't Even Try It 59. Who Stole My Car? 60. Ring My Bell 61. Hip Hop Dancer's Theme 62. Caught In The Middle (Love & Life) 63. Human Video Game 64. Chasing Forever 65. Get Hyped 66. Who Stole The D.J. 67. Reverend 68. Everything That Glitters 69. No More 70. Can't Wait To Be With You 71. As We Go 72. How Da Beat Goes 73. Uuhhh 74. Who Am I 75. I Gotta Go Home 76. Scream 77. Will 2K 78. Y'all Know 79. Momma Knows 80. Dog Is A Dog 81. My Buddy 82. La Fiesta 83. Nothin on My Mind 84. Dumb Dancin' 85. Miami 86. 1, 000 Kisses 87. Can You Feel Me? 88. Afro Angel 89. Candy 90. Just One Of Those Days 91. Act Like You Know 92. Takin' It To The Top 93. Block Party 94. Let's Get Busy Baby 95. Big Willie Style 96. Give Me Tonite 97. Willow is a Player 98. Freakin It 99. Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble 100. Da Butta
  8. The problem is Google. So that stuff is fantastic for fans. Googles algorithm however considers all that stuff "duplicate content" so it marks the site right down and doesn't show it in any search results. Because of this the site's traffic has dropped by 95% I used to get 3,000 unique visitors a day now it's getting 140. It's awful. And Google doesn't show the site in any search results any more. Do a search for will smith or fresh prince or new will smith album... Nowhere to be seen.
  9. I created this page: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/rare-tracks/ Have a look.
  10. If you look under that music menu item you will see I've started to add some pages back into this site. I was just wondering what do you think would be useful new or old pages for the site. Basically I don't want to add anything that you can get somewhere else, so I won't add Will's filmography you can get that imdb, I won't add lyrics you can get that in google, but what would be interesting? I think a list of all of Jeff's mixtapes might be useful and you won't get that anywhere else, so I'm wanting more ideas like that. What is some original content I can add back to this site?
  11. Hero1

    And in this Corner photoshoot

    From the album: Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff

    Will and Jeff in 1993
  12. Hero1

    Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff

    old school jjfp
  13. Hero1

    Code Red Era

    From the album: Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff

    Will and Jazz.
  14. Have just upgraded the forum to the latest version. Not sure if you have noticed but jazzyjefffreshprince.com is just the forum now. It is just this community. So I've added in a few more things. We now have a gallery you can add images to. Why don't we add all our photos with Will & Jeff etc. Also we now have blogs so you can start and write your own blog, get writing! We also have a calendar and chat room! Tim
  15. "Fiesta" is up for record of the year at the 16th Annual Latin Grammys, which takes place Nov. 19 in Las Vegas. (It airs on Univision from 8-11 p.m. ET/PT.) Will Smith will be performing the remix live on stage.
  16. yep! awesome to see it on his facebook! had a few likes too!
  17. Amazing stuff Kev! Doing this site for 20 years is so worth it when I read stuff like that! 2016 is going to be an amazing year for us all.. and believe me we have been there through the tough times.. 10 years of nothing!!! the rain is over lets enjoy the sunshine... summer, summer, summertime!
  18. Big Willie Style sold 10 million in America, if you include worldwide it was 12 million. That 10 million figure though is how many records Sony/Columbia sold to record stores. So they shipped those copies out but then the store has to sell it. So it's a slightly different figure. So Willennium shipped 3 million out but only sold 2.1 million. Code Red was certified gold (500,000) because it shipped that many copies but then it only sold 300,000 etc.
  19. Wondered the same thing.. maybe they have some exclusive deal with Apple?
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