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Convincing Will to rap again!

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Yeah, we have to do that especially the day of his birthday because his Wall will be full of messages. I was hoping Romano posted the vid he made, but here it is anyways: Will Smith should m

I've posted the link on ThisIs50.com ... I'm not sure it's gonna bring much people to the cause but every little help counts i guess... There's always gonna be someone out there on that forum who thin

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The way I see it the hard work will be getting the cause off the ground and then it will just roll on by itself.. the more members the greater awareness.. Will you may say you are not gonna rap again, but us music fans aren't going down without a fight!

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It's about tyme someone get some fire in them...ha ha. What Hip-Hop, Will Smith, Fresh Prince websites can we advertise this on? Also, should we consider a Lost + Found promo pic as the main pic on the cause? Maybe one of the ones where he's wearing a "I Am Hip-Hop" shirt. I don't like Facebook cuz u are pretting limited in how pages look. I think she should make it look as full, busy, and professional as possible so that when FP sees it, he's honors and instantly stirred up 2 get in the studio (if he isn't already).

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Yeah, neither of those posted were what i had in mind. There's others out there. The one of him and Jeff side by side, hands in the air is classic. I figured the more legit info on the page the better. Can we list the discography with the year the album came out and how man units it sold? I couldn't tell but can we put a photo album on there with a handful of music related and performance pictures? Let's keep all the movie crap off of this page for sure.

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Haven't been posting for a while because I just didn't see the point. But this thing you guys have going on is great! I'm in!

I hope we can get him back on the mic! Even if he just made one track, I would be a happy man! :-)

Edit: I can't seem to join the cause! Can someone invite me?

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Wow, haven't been on her in ages ... Shame, i know ... Looks better then the WS.com forum ^^

Well, thanks for sharing, i joined the cause ... time to invite some people now ... We want the Fresh Prince back!

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Hey Melle, it's great to have you here dude :)

I think the picture Tim was talking about is this. Correct me if I'm wrong:


These ones could work too:



(They are all Wallpapers made by Melle and can be found on his Facebook Page "MWDesigns")

And this might be the pic AJ was talking about. Again, correct me if I'm wrong:


PS: 86 people and counting!

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Haha, thx for sharing that ale ... Glad to be here too ;) ...

Well now you're talking ... while i'm here, i'd like to ask you to join the MWDesigns Fan page on facebook ... I need some fans on there ^^

Over 100 members in the cause (Y)

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