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    7 pounds - Box Office Numbers

    this is one of those badger vance kinda movies... really obscure drama picture... will will bounce back... MIB3, or BB3 and you'll see 100+ for sure... anyways... back to rap...
  2. dkny2kx

    New album

    Is there a way to petition to Will Smith's company or publicist to tell him to get back to rap...? anyone have a contact?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0U9y9CUc4E first minute and some change
  4. I was just wonering How does JJFP compare to other rap artist sites on the internet. JJFP/Will Smith as a base site seems popular, and i rarely go to any other sites I'd like to hear what people have to say about rappers who have been in the game for 10+ years and how their fan sites are doing. Also on current artists within 10 years. side question: Do you think there is a single smart person that thinks 50 Cent is the best Rap artist all-time on 50's fan pages?
  5. dkny2kx

    Will Smith best rapper alive?

    The Coolest Rapper WHAT!
  6. 6. Paris, Tokyo- This reminds me of a nice, innocent Fresh Prince song from back in the day. It makes me want to fall in love in every city he mentions. Actually, I just want to sit on a chair and have Lupe sing this to me http://lupethefiasco.blogspot.com/2007/12/...views-cool.html anyways... I did feel the FP vibe in the song... anyone else?
  7. I think Will Smith plays will smith in every action movie.... like when he uses his catch phrase in every action movie "Ah Hell no" When I see a Will Smith Action movie i think YEAH i'm going to watch my Boy will smith kill some monsters or robots. But its nice to watch bagger vance, Ali, and pursuit every now and then just to be creative.
  8. dkny2kx

    K.Smith feat Omarion - Betterman

    actually he looks like a smaller thinner 50 cent.
  9. dkny2kx

    K.Smith feat Omarion - Betterman

    Sounds like Bow Wow, ewwwww man Big will please teach him how to rap
  10. dkny2kx

    Dream Pairing with Will

    If Will did a track with Kanye and Lupe Fiasco or Common, it would light the charts on fire. Another pairing I wouldn't mind would be with Jay-Z and Eminem.... hahaha... That would be even more mainstream for people.
  11. dkny2kx

    Dream Pairing with Will

    yeah Nelly!
  12. It's really hard to decide what is his best raw rap track.
  13. dkny2kx

    Will at 2007 Grammys

    seeen.. he was on the superbowl grammy commercial i think he will present
  14. dkny2kx

    Will won't rap anymore?

    Nad will smith will return to rap..... He is... or what is he going to do with the BOOM BOOM ROOM? convert it into a summer house?
  15. "Smith converted to Islam after completing the biopic Ali in November of 2001. " Should I change this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_%28film%29
  16. http://www.thefilmexperience.net/Awards/2006/actor.html http://www.everythingoscar.com/bestactor http://www.theoscarigloo.com/Actor.html three sites i found that gave a nod to will smith as a shoe in for nomination... What do you ya'll think in terms of his chances. His competition looks weak.
  17. dkny2kx

    Will Smith Gaurenteed OSCAR Nod?

    I think he'll consider recording more tracks after he wins the oscar for POH
  18. I'll start... "There is no pain worst than not achieving a dream and it's your fault."
  19. dkny2kx

    Hey Sexy Lady Remix

    If you guys want I'll post the song in the Rare Tracks section
  20. dkny2kx

    What Are You Listening To? XIV

    What do ya'll think about Lupe Fisaco? I'm really digging his rhymes
  21. dkny2kx

    What Are You Listening To? XIV

    Threat by Jay-Z, that track is just dope!
  22. My friends and I are debating on whether will smith takes a puff of his cigar in Independence Day or not. in various scenes he puts it in his mouth lit and unlit but never puffs. Tell me if you have sufficient proof of his puff There are two sketchy scenes, one when he says PEACE in the alien ship and one at the end of the movie. Tell me I would love to be right that will smith doesnt puff
  23. dkny2kx

    Season 3 of Will Smith Podcast

    I'll be onboard as long as we get set times on when to do it. I just bought a new mic, and it sounds sweet
  24. dkny2kx

    Tell It like it is vs. Lost and Found

    sorry, yeah it is Luda's track, it sounds really raw in terms of the rap game, and what not to do