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  1. Hey everybody. I was thinking abt Timboat whose birthday is the same as my daughter's. (if I remember correctly ) I couldn't find a b'day thread or maybe overlooked it, (sorry if this is a repeat bday wish) Tim's name came up when my son reminded me: his first concert ever, was when I took him to see Will Smith & Jeff in Atlanta. Jeff's assistants hooked us up as JJFP fam! ..... I told my son, I was suppose to go backstage to meet Will & give him a portrait I drew, but I was scared & didn't think my art would be good enough to give Will & He wouldn't like it. lmbo TIMBOAT!!!!!!! Happy belated Born-day little brother! Wishing you greatness, health & happiness forever. huggzI Love you guys ALWAYS!!! JJFP's #1 AFRO ANGEL - 3cookies ps. so surprised that I remembered my password. haha xoxoxoxo
  2. Sending birthday wishes to Willow. Its amazing to see her step into her shining 'stardom' at such an early age. When she was borne, we wandered what talent she will have, and she has it ALL. BRAVO Willow! love you... ~3cookies
  3. 3cookies

    It's good to be a Smith kid

    Hi everyone. Tim, Visqo & Silver Tiger.... I really wish there were more good men & families around like what Will & Jada has ... really can cause a positive impact in the lives of others ......like mine for instance. Good to see smiling faces when feeling down... Love & Light ...
  4. i actually feel sorry for her, because she's got so much anger built up inside, its turning her into an irrationally psychotic woman, to some great degree,.. since she just couldn't let well enough be 'gone'. Trying to paint WS out to be some villian, is not a picture worth a second glance to fans that know more of his true nature outside character of FPOBA vs.- real life character. Hopefully she pulls it together, and face her own inner demons and cut the core of that anger/hatred/self pity/embarassment harbouring in her heart. Love & Light
  5. 3cookies

    It's good to be a Smith kid

    and imagine,... we all were here writing her poems when Willow was first born in this month. Imagining all the talent she would have. Will & Jada wiil forever light my life with inspiration. Love & Light
  6. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday bigted & Luigie!

    and an even later wish to my little brothers.... HAPPPY BIRTHDAY BIGTED & LUIGIE !!!! love & light
  7. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday MaxFly!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ive missed so many JJFP birthdays .... Love & Light ~ Cookie
  8. 3cookies

    Clip of new Michael Jackson song leaked

    hey litle brother!!!!!!! I've missed U and everyone also. So I had to come back, and fill my tank up with real JJFP love. Hope ur good, and treating the ladies nice? :) Happy twenty-10 bro xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    HAPPY 2010 FAM!

    I am a little late. lol HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 2010....
  10. 3cookies

    Clip of new Michael Jackson song leaked

    I heard a clip today, and it was nice. I sort of need abit 'more' to get a better feel...
  11. 3cookies

    Will Smith Isn't Dead

    My heart just RIPPED to even imagine this was only a rumour even. and thinking i had not been here in ages, i could never forgive myself not showing Jada respect even if he was close to that.... HATE rumours, but glad this was one.. losing MJ was enough burdon 4 me for a looong while, so WILLs gotta take care of himself for Jada and those babies....
  12. 3cookies

    "Seven Pounds" is next.

    I just barely got around to seeing it. Trey-trey kept asking me every chance he'd remember! lol it was kind of sad to me. ..
  13. 3cookies

    Michael Jackson Dies At 50

    oh man. I still can't believe he's gone. I took this really hard.... Rest peacefully Mike!
  14. COOKIE singing.....BACK Down Memory Lane! :) TIMBOAT!!! I Came back and this was the first post I saw, and it took me waaaaaaay back. haha. what a good start to my new year. Im trying to figure out how to maneuver around on the board. its.........complicated more than before. LOL. Happy New Year, and thx 4 the hookup bro. LOVE you!
  15. [color=blue]My all tyme favourite has always been when Will & Carlton was driving in the car, and they smelled chicken, and Jazzy Jeff pops up in the trunk with a big ol bucket of chicken! That always make me wanna get sum KFC...haha... we've posted this before, but since this is a new forum, it will be cool to hear everyone's favourite episode again... :angel: peace, 3cookies [/color]
  16. 3cookies

    a will's gift to everyone

    LOL... hey .I remembered my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. 3cookies

    Happy Bday Chief!

    Happy Bday
  18. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday Angel

    oops :mrstraetz: :birthday: :birthday: :shrug:
  19. 3cookies


    WOW. Rest In Peace. I saw the 4 Tops perform live once in my entire life, before a Medieval dinner & show in Spain. It was the most amazing moment in time, watching the Legendary 4 Tops perform live, outside of the US... ~ cookie
  20. 3cookies

    Racial Inequality at Work...

    Tim pretty much tagged it on spot. Harassment, also is an indicator when the signs of undue 'racism' or 'prejudice' treatment goes unrecognized. Sometimes upper management have a hard time believing it exist when signs are so subtle. The victim of racism or prejudice acts may even decide against their better judgement and not step forward with a complaint, fearing it may backfire. Its a huge unjust "morale killer" in the workplace. ~ cookie
  21. 3cookies


    As most of u guys know, I've just had surgery, and having a really hard tyme dealing with alot of things smashing at me right afterwards. At home,...physically,...sentimentally... other people's in~sensitivities have really torn me up too.. and well,.. I've been a mess! Unable to really rest so that I can recouperate, unusually high blood pressure, and stress... and before I knew it, I was chanelling all of my pain towards quite afew people, without taking notice... all because of my own selfish inability to cope. Top that off... I have horribly severe allergic reactions to opiates / meds that was injected into my IV at the hospital; that it has physically limited my activities to basically NOTHING more than coolliN out at the crib. ... & running errands, and a couple of emergency runs back n forth to the hospital. If I am only MODERATELY active for 10 minutes, I have an allergic reaction to 'heat'... and im sooo so miserably in pain... and because of nothing that can be done at the moment until I get to an allergist... Im just miserable right now and I guess, and AJ... baby, Ur not the only one to take notice. trust me. sooo... i may be in my usual MIA mode 4 awhile, as I'm very well known for..... I just need a break from everything thats aggrevating me so that i can "heal" properly... Its alot more 2 it,.. but some of it is personal. I love U guys, and again. I apologize with sincerity and am really sorry if Ive been "MEAN" 2 anyone without realizing it lately... IM just in alot of pain... and need to take time for myself... hopefully a few weeks will do... cya lata.... ~ cookie
  22. 3cookies


    LOL... ok, lil bruh if U say so.. who am I to argue with a Latino Hunk? LOL ~ cookie
  23. 3cookies

    My 2000th post!

    Congratulations VisQo on your accomplishment. I remember when I was at my first 1,000 post on Will's original board, waaay back. I was just so thrilled. lol. Felt as if I had won an award. Its good havin u here, no need to take a break. :stickpoke: Let sleeping dogs rest... ~ cookie
  24. 3cookies

    I Am Legend Prequel

    OK.... now im going shopping today to search for " I AM Legend" !!!! :gettinjiggywitit: I gotta figure out if its possible that he survived... lol ~ cookie
  25. 3cookies

    I Am Legend Prequel

    I absolutely loved the first one. I can't believe that I only watched it once. .and cant remember if Will had a possible escape route.. he may have been saved, out of all that... i dont know. lol. I dont see a Prequel, but if there is one... without a doubt. Imma be right there. I cant wait to see how he pulls this one out of .... well sumbody's but. IF... it happens. lol .. Someone mentioned, just when U think U got Will figured out.. (thats the thing. He keeps us guessing.) Everybody may not agree,. but I really like that. lol ~ cookie