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  1. is that all the information u can give me, siR? xo, cookie
  2. LOL.. well.. HAAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BRAKES!!! AS u said.. its a long weekend coming up and much time to enjoy.. xo, cookie
  3. Ive done the same thing too AJ. I got so far 3 votes in, and my last v ote was about an hour ago. 9:49pm Pacific time. so the polls are open im guesing for another hour or so. or until they decide to close it... My sons were working as a team & posting bulletins to all of my friends on the dating site that i frequent, (askin questions. lol) and they earned 5 bucks each., (on credit. ill pay them 2 morrow. LOL) and we got like 10 - 15 votes, and one online Vee J/D J sent out an EBlast to all of his friends 2 vote for KeL SPencer... which is alot... that made me feel real good, cuz he responded as if he believed in the Moses of Hip Hop. as I described him. LOL. so i think that today was the most productive day, and it was fun.. reminded me of BTR days when we were promoting Wills cd. LOL :whew: yaaah!!! :gettinjiggywitit: :gettinjiggywitit: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: now thats over with.. we gotta just wait.. :wait: Now imma concentrate on my health,.. and relax & focus b4 my surgery.. ok guys.. Most of u already know imma bout 2 be MIA.. soon. soo. if i dont get to talk to Kel, and he drops by JJFP.com 2 see u guys, somebody let him know I wished him the best again.. he definitely deserves it. .thats why we put forth the effort as we did.. xo, cookie
  4. well if he owes u that much, it must mean he's going to win! Ive voted twice today, and think i may be able to get another one in, later on... I haven't missed a day of voting... Don't know how much more we can do. Torae has a lot of supporters too. so I think its going to be a tyte race... tho. Im willing to bet that KeL got this one... hands down... xo, cookie
  5. Will's number one myspace friend wouldn't be The Game... more like, Jeff, or Cookie or some example like that, but not the Game. LOL xo, cookie
  6. oh man. Have fun fan4ever. why dont u hit up KeL while ur up there? Let him know ur from the JJ&FP fam, and maybe u can connect with him while ur in NY.. have fun.. I love NY, its so live .... try to get down to Timesquare, and walk down the block and enjoy one of those shish~ka~bobs on the stick. ummm umph. Thats my fav ever... xo, cookie
  7. Tyrese - I Need You In My Life. xo, cookie
  8. I can't get enough of thinking & laffing bout this.. and imagining Jeff saying it. .. with a demonstration. The crazy thing is,... a picture of him being tossed out by Uncle PHil is replaying in & invading my brain at the same tyme > :lolsign: xo, cookie
  9. Jim Carey is a NUT... love him tho.. thx!!! xo, cookie
  10. off topic.. Vipa, have u been doing any remixes? I would like that link to ur remix page u shared with us awhileago, cuz im in the mood to listen to some of ur mixes that i love.. xo, cookie
  11. Silver Tiger.. can u please tell me.. WHO IS Kel Spencer? :hmm: xo, cookie
  12. well, i hafta give em props for that, cuz when Im writing a song, if I dont write it down, and the melody to some degree. .ill be howling a whole different tune next tyme im at it. LOLOL im just not THAt talented like Skillz to put it out like that and not write it down.. so PROPS.. xo, cookie
  13. Ive still been voting every day.. the least I voted was two times, and that was yesterday... its not letting me vote as many as 5 -7 times anymore, maybe we wer overloading the sever. lol.... I pray and hope that OUR KeL wins, because he deserves it sooo much. I will be so heart broken if he doesn't win... Thats like... us seeing Jeff or Will up for an award..... same excitement.... xo, cookie
  14. LOLOL.. Jeff is a straittrip. come 2 think of it. ive never EVER seen Jeff dance.. s o im guessin hes the king of S L I D I N G ........ LOL I luv my baby JJ tho... xo, cookie
  15. LOL... as soon as I read that, i was like. whaaaaaaaaaaa. Will finally learned how to swim? come on now Will. You are the SMARTEST man in Hollywood,, what dont u understand about flappin ur wings peddliN ur feet baby? LOL ok. I must confess. i HATE getting my head underwater @ the beach, but i can swim tho. lol speaking of.. i think imma hit the beach 2day... yeaaaa... xo, cookie
  16. haha. i wouldnt say 'blending' too well. id rather think that Jeff was sitting back with his shades on... smiling more than he was talking. He's just soo sweet, with the quietest persona... he was buzy when we met, on the turntables. lol xo, cookie
  17. old! LOL.. well, wait till ur my erm.... age f 19 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 or 2 pounds is nothing. wait till u have to lose 5 - 10 pounds. its the hardest thing ever, especially when food all of a sudden taste soooooooo gUd. LOL :gettinjiggywitit: :gettinjiggywitit: ~ Cookie
  18. your absolutely RIGHT. its all about J U L I E in this thread. :lolsign: xo, cookie
  19. I second that. I read that yesterday, and after I read it, I was so proud of SKillZ .. I went and reposted a bulletin for his album on myspace... hahaha... i may go and thank him for that, ask him to VOTE FOR KEL and ill buy his cd. LOL xo, cookie
  20. Its highly doubtful they will reveal the percentage of votes publically, thats not usual.. but if they do, and Kel wins, that will be so amazing to know we were pulling 2gether 4 him. Brakes, u guys, i never get the page with muzik.. my voting is real easy, I bookmark the "POLL PAGE" itself 2 my favourites, and just clik his name to vote.. VOTE 4 KEL Its getting close to the end of the month, I've been picking the pace with bulletins on most of the networking or dating sites Im registered to. Its pretty effective so far. lol :thumbsup: xo, cookie
  21. Close to You ~ Gerald Levert ft. Tamia ~ cookie
  22. :paparazziupinthespot: y must u make EVERY post centered around u chika? :lolsign: :paparazziupinthespot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS JULIE!!!!! :birthday: :birthday: :7: :party: :party: WAIT TILL the weekend b4 u party, or ull not give urself fully recoup time. lol.. have a good one while ur at it.. xo, cookie
  23. my badd. I wasn't on the board for a minute, just got a new puppy trying to house train him,.. doing some interior decorating and im so sorry I missed it. happy belated.. tho i can bring up ur thread again if ud like. LOL Since u seem to thrive on attention.. :stickpoke: lmao. xo, cookie
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