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  1. When was ur birthday? then I can be accountable for my tyme, ... u sound like a jealous husband. LOL xo, cookie
  2. SO INTENSE ~ LISA FISCHER ~ MY jam right there boy.. xo, cookie
  3. sorry i mispelled ur screenname Radewart/...
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANT1 :doh: :7: :7: :lolsign: xo, cookie
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY READEWART!!!!!!!! :birthday: :party: :party: xo, cookie
  6. dang man. I had forgot all about this awhile back.. when I was going to get myself one. So then.. what tshirts do u have left Timboat? xo, cookie
  7. IM hoping that Tim can send another duplicate of that mass email to the registered members of the board. That will serve as a good reminder this week, and possibly one more in the last week for motivation.. so whats the progress ??? anyone? VisQo? LOL xo, cookie Link 2 vote for new fans joining in: BEST LYRICIST - KEL SPENCER
  8. I haven't been on the board for a couple days, but Ive been voting every day for 4 - 7 times per day.and came on the board to see whats up? I haven't seen many bulletins from the fans here on myspace. (if any) If Kel is going to win this award we gotta stay motivated, so we can keep him encouraged too... I mentioned in a myspace bulletin,.. the best part about this award, is that WE.. the JJFP fam/fans can make a difference in weather or not it happens. Im updating u guys with what im doing. Im posting this on my tagged.com bulletins for my friends there its a huge dating site. FanBook is another good one networking site, and I have alot of fans there. Try to think anywhere u guys can solicit some votes and believe it or not,... every SINGLE vote counts. we dont know what kind of manpower that Torae and the others have behind them, but we have to imagine they have an army of voters, so we will stay mindful and be a force in itself.. come on fam. we only have about 2 weeks left.. half way through the voting process, and now is the time to pick up the pace.. lets go!!! xo, cookie
  9. I can imagine how hard it must be getting in touch with Will, but I know that Will doesn't hesitate to get back with Jeff whenever he can... xo, cookie
  10. :yeahthat: I have to agreee with Sonic... won't be the same. think u can hold off tilll.. next year maybe? LOL xo, cookie
  11. lol... yea that VIsqO... ha cuna ma tatas folks... lol ok.. to make it positive.. chek THIS OUT... This is a much smaller size, than the original that ive done.. but I hope that works... its a simple promotion add for anyone who wants to use it.. and also for myspace. xo, cookie
  12. LOL.. I LOVE him too.. thats my baby actually...I get my daily dose of laffter with him.. and Silver Tiger, u know I love u, so dont trip .... Julie hit the nail on the head. A new fan wont know HOW to take u.... Just like Chief. Have u ever heard of a Redneck, Indian whose a KKK member? lmbo... cookie
  13. I thought u had something to do? DONT do nothing bad. Go put on ur WS cd...whichever one u find first... God blessa xo, cookie
  14. mad... nope. of course not. Re: the 'patronizing' thing.. thats concerning some of ur OTHER posts directed at FANS. Sometimes what seen to be sarcastic to you, may seem abit much to another, and .... something to consider. At least, Im cool with u enough to bring it to ur attention... im not coming down on u. Im not fighting with u either. I agree with Julie. U are very sarcastic. sometimes cute & funny, sometimes not... weather or NOT you realize,.. you tend to put ur sarcasm in such so many words that it can be interpreted in a way you may or may not intend... Im just laying it out to u from a different perspective. take it with a grain of LOVE... so give mamma a kiss.. LOL xo, cookie
  15. LOLOL.. that is soo crazy. thank you for this. I hope u don't mind but imma share this with some friends in Naija... oh btw. EGUSI SOUP they mentioned is a Nigerian Delicasy.... ummm.. thank YOU!!!!!!! xo cookie
  16. No one knows me to stutter. so, How bout let's not waste further energy on this conversation, cause there's way too many more positive things going on, than to give this any more attention that necessary. .. then we both can enjoy breathing while YOU give birth to anew way of entertaining onlookers with ur sometimes, unwarranted (patronizing) sarcasm... cool ? :stickpoke: xo. cookie
  17. SEE THERE!!!! :gettinjiggywitit: Im with you Ms. Julie 100% on this. I personally can't see why people didn't like the ending, i was all teary when Will was hurt... awww. i can't stand movies when he gets hurt. LOLOL.. but I loved it from beginning to end... and im like u, its definitely in my top WS movies,... especially for the infamous Will Smith 4th of July weekend. He may not have saved the world from aliens, but he gave it the perfect twyst. lol. it drew sooooo many people from a variety of background.. thats whassup.. Julie. im glad ur with me on this. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: xo, cookie
  18. I know.. but I dont like that. I hold high respect 4 Kel, because of how kind he treats me... and don't interact no more than anyone else does. Sometimes that sarcasm needs to be squashed. xo, cooki
  19. what the crap are u talking about? I very seldom message him, and thats not why he said my name. He and I was talking about him doing something special like a video for the fans, and i said that idea is so thoughtful of him, and will be a wonderful surprise when he mentioned doing it. Tim and a select few others knew this beforehand in a discussion. I talk to him maybe once a month or every other month, show respect and dont cross any lines that I shouldn't,... so DON't get it twysted. KeL is a part of the JJFP fam, and appreciates us leaving notes once in awhile, just like we do with Jeff. Jeff acknowledges me also as supportive JJFP fam, and personally hooked me up many times with stuff... so whats ur point? im not gonna stop reaching out to them with love when they acknowledge me. They're the reason why im here. Either u can interact like others, or not... thats ur choice. so GET it strait. seems to me u be tryna 'subtly' crack on ppl on the sly,... u cool peoplez, but u a dam trip. xo, cookie
  20. oh man. thanks for that Timboat. I've seen SkillZ use that 'million dollar backpack' animated avatar for a good minute... and I always laffed at how he seem to waddle away like a duck. LOL.. but its been his album cover 'idea' all this while... wow, thats kinda cool. xo, cookie
  21. Well, we all are glad to hear that, thank u 4 joining us in this... and u can actually vote way more than once aday, if u get to the voting poll at the right times. lol. look. Just dont tell nobody that I encouraged u to go against the rules.. welcome to the board... Re: Hancock.. dang, I guess that I'm the main person whose enjoyed the movie from beginning to end,... or maybe I was just dying to see something new from Will. so im sorry u guys didnt like it as much as I did. now with this said.. this is a prime example of why i dont care for 'critics'... we have soo many varying degrees of our takes on the movie, just on the board alone..... I just hope the folks who hasnt seen it, doesnt go into the theatres with a 'pre~conceived' idea that the movie isn't all that good... before giving it a chance... xo, cookie
  22. LOL.. AJ ur so silly. :lolsign: I wasnt trying to discredit anyone, by all means.. I certianly hope it doesnt start a fight between fans who heard of Kel first. LOL.. but I credit AJ with hooking me up with ALOT of muzik.. and always keeping me on top of things because we used to be tyte like like that. anyway.. THANK YOU Silver Tiger for your contributions. Lets try 2 keep this thread positive. lol and I need to get myself in the bed talking online all nyte with folks... its all gud.. xo, cookie
  23. LOL what do u be playing, Luigie? cops & robbers? :stickpoke: LMBO!!! just kidding... I think we all do.. xo, cookie
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