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  1. fair enough.. just don't 4get the heads up I gave u privately. U know whassup.. aint nothin but love @ jjfp.com baby!!! ~ cookie
  2. I had an account on allhiphop.com. I just can't remember my screen name... WILL!!!! Wishing You a Joyous Belated dearheart ..... xo, cookie
  3. Im feeling somewhat better U guys. I still have allergic attacks bad, I just have to deal with it until my body releases less histamines when Im exerting energy. I was back n forth at the hospital twice yesterday... Soon I'll be in full force, and can load the board with my notorious long posts... cuz... I wanna see how true it is, when some1 shared about Visqo taking cheap shots at my postings... while I was away sick... ~ cookie
  4. I remember the last time she addressed this when it was discussed on the board... We had mixed feelings weather or not she had moved on. Clearly, she hasn't... lol ~ cookie
  5. As most of u guys know, I've just had surgery, and having a really hard tyme dealing with alot of things smashing at me right afterwards. At home,...physically,...sentimentally... other people's in~sensitivities have really torn me up too.. and well,.. I've been a mess! Unable to really rest so that I can recouperate, unusually high blood pressure, and stress... and before I knew it, I was chanelling all of my pain towards quite afew people, without taking notice... all because of my own selfish inability to cope. Top that off... I have horribly severe allergic reactions to opiates / meds that was injected into my IV at the hospital; that it has physically limited my activities to basically NOTHING more than coolliN out at the crib. ... & running errands, and a couple of emergency runs back n forth to the hospital. If I am only MODERATELY active for 10 minutes, I have an allergic reaction to 'heat'... and im sooo so miserably in pain... and because of nothing that can be done at the moment until I get to an allergist... Im just miserable right now and I guess, and AJ... baby, Ur not the only one to take notice. trust me. sooo... i may be in my usual MIA mode 4 awhile, as I'm very well known for..... I just need a break from everything thats aggrevating me so that i can "heal" properly... Its alot more 2 it,.. but some of it is personal. I love U guys, and again. I apologize with sincerity and am really sorry if Ive been "MEAN" 2 anyone without realizing it lately... IM just in alot of pain... and need to take time for myself... hopefully a few weeks will do... cya lata.... ~ cookie
  6. LOL.. tell me WHO hasn't Will had a crush on. I think he's about to run out of women. LOL I love the way that Jada handles all of Will's little crushes,.. That joker is surely one of a kind... lmbo. ~ cookie
  7. I may have to take U up on that one, AJ. Hes got a free performance/show coming up, and I do plan on going to see whats in store... listening to some Floetry flavours ~ HELLO (again) lol... ~ cookie
  8. THX ALE 4 the video clips of Jada. That girl is crazy! I digg the way she dresses here. Real flyy... ~ cookie
  9. I think he could pull it off better than Robin. LOL. He definitely has the physique, just have to really get into studying the character for it be be believable,... ~ cookie
  10. Thx 4 the info and making this post Ms Ash. That is a really gorgeous picture of Will and Jada!!! I love it... ~ cookie
  11. Since Brakes is still on honeymoon... but does anyone else in UK knows how long until the finalists are announced? ~ cookie
  12. Thats not true in everyone's case. I hold an exception to this rule. Have U checked my age lately? :sipread: ~ cookie
  13. People do anything because they want to. They also smoke because they want to. Nothing is that hard to start or stop, its all up to the individual's choice. Thats like playing video games, board games, sports games or even unhealthy mind games,.. they do it because they choose to.. ~ cookie
  14. LOL... Julie.. Ur just Awful! Tho its truth.. @ poster! ThX 4 posting it tho, bcoz I hadn't watch it in its entirety until just now.. so big ups 4 that.. Lets just hope we dont get it posted again on the board tho. ... When I was looking at those bright shirt colours, & the baseball cap...I have NO idea why.. but VISqo* Came to mind. LOLOLOL ~ cookie
  15. BART!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BRUVAH!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun & be safe.. tho I know U prolly continue the celebration through the weekend.. huh? :birthday: :clap2: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :7: xo, Cookie
  16. Throwback ~ Usher ... this is my workout joint. The beat is off the chain. The vybe of this joint helps me to really LEAN into sprinting up hills.. whooooo. gotta luv that sorta challenge... VIPA_GTS!!! I need an MP3 copy of that remix U did of this joint just 4 me a few years back homie!!! .. ~ cookie
  17. I think that right now?... um... i want sumbody 2 give me a cigarit.. ~ cookie why? becoz "APANWMYDTKS" << ~~~ GO FIGURE. lol
  18. LOL. Queen Latifah is truth!. I love her... and can relate to the games 4 sho! ... .so i say do it Queen L! ...tho I seriously can't imagine her reaction of having someone on her album that she DON"T like. LOL... That would be funny to read about .. can't wait! ~ cookie
  19. LOL...awww .. :topic: ... I saw another bulletin that Kyle has for his newest joint, called "Back Pack"... I wander how touch it compares to SKillZ's "Million Dollar Back Pack" thats gettin Madd success... I know he's not bitin.. but ///..... well.. nevermind. ~ cookie
  20. nope. Not even at first glance. I looked right at the hairline along his left temple. I guess thats the 'artist' in me, because thats the first thing I notice right away. LOL. If Will wanted a body-double, as some decoy.. I'm sure this dude could make a few bucks. Not too much more tho... ~ cookie
  21. AJ.. I think I like U in a pink shirt.. and especially that red dress... U didnt think I got rid of that pic from like... 5 years ago, did u? LOL ITS FROM A SHOW PEOPLE! GEEEEZUS. LOL.. (it was a show, wasnt it AJ?) lol My son says, It takes a REAL MAN to wear pink. This is coming from a then 12 year old boy. um... he says WITH short hair of course. LOL I like that pink. and the strait leg, skinny jeans is whassup. I hate seeing duded in those freakin baggy jeans.. that does not turn me on. I like them fitted, so I can see the whole package. Fitted shirts AND fitted jeans.. whoooo yes !... HEY. im being honest...LOL GREAT look 4 Will... he knows whassuP. ~ cookie
  22. ... and ur quite welcome.. here is something 4 starters. Some of the guys know just about every Fresh Prince quote there is... Fresh Prince Quotes Fresh Prince quotes more quotes from show... Hope U find something, or at least sumone who has alot more quotes in their head can help U out... ~ cookie
  23. maaan. The best thing I love about football, asides men in tights looking gUd... is lyin on a couch after a nice hot meal & dessert, curled up & reading a good book while its on... and then, It always just puts me right to sleep. Thats some GOOD sleep, I tell ya. LOL ~ cookie
  24. LOLOL. ooooh No U didnt.!..... U guys are giving me a really really craZy, good laff today. This poor new guy starts a thread asking so politely for a sig,...and the thread gets hijacked by Pokemon luvers. just strait havin a party. llol. :birthday: :emot-keke: :topic: hahahaha... @ poster... what type of sigs do u like? If u want one with a Will Smith or Jazzy Jeff banner... I think Big Willie has a nice collection he wouldt mind sharing with u... as far as "quotes"... Id be more than happy 2 help U out.. tell me the subject tho... Love, Friendship, positivity... etc? point us in the direction u need.. and someone will hook ya right on up.. and welcome 2 da board btw.. ~ cookie
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