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  1. 3cookies

    more comedy movies

    now.... I wouldn't mind seeing Will, Martin, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mack and that crazy aZ Eddie Murphy in a movie together.. LOL.. what ever happened to Uptown Saturday Night, that we heard about awhile ago??? man, that is one of my fav movie classics of ALL tyme. haha.. xo, cookie
  2. 3cookies

    Chris Brown pays tribute to JJFP

    yea, I like Chris too.. and its good 2 see him and anyone else in the industry giving JJFP props, instead of hatin like some folks USED to do about FP, some year back. WOW. we've been around for so long we've practically seen alot of people's views of Will, and what he stands for,.. just CHANGE... like THEYre growing up finally. LOL Props to JJfP if i may say so myself. hehe. xo, cookie
  3. GOT Dawg.. i was just in this thread looking for something about when JJ and FP is performing on the West coast, but .... I saw it again, and could have swore i read Jazzy Julie & Fresh Prince Tour Jul 08. LOL must be the chicken and salad i had. LOL xo, cookie i
  4. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday Big Willie!

    YEA BIG WILLIE.. what they said. Happy belated birthday.. lol.. tho I was early on myspace,... and late here.. that gives u a bit of 'balance" ? or .. no!.... im just buggin??? LOL xo, cookie
  5. Happy birthday to you. Hope 2 see u visit the board more.. xo, cookie
  6. Tho you are not on the board much, I do want to wish u a happy Birthday. We used to get around to catching everybody's birthday, but the jjfp.com fam has grown sooo huge, its nearly impossible.. but u, my dear... we got u! lol Have a good one.. xo, cookie
  7. 3cookies

    Miami video on trial

    me too, i think in general im on youtube too much. LOL...@SilverTiger! lol Julie I need to add u to my friendlist on youtube. I have 3 friends on the board... my Screenname is SweetNsoFlyy, if you get around to it b4 me. i bet you ve got some good JJFP videos to share with me.. heh. I have a couple, tho uve probably got them already tho... xo, cookie
  8. 3cookies


    Hey there. Welcome 2 the board. Im a Bone Thugs fan too... hope u like it here with the fam.. xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    CHIEF you Punk!

    People may not understand the sarcasm between chief and a few folks, but I've known him for about ...umm...6 years now.. thx to Timboat,... Happy Birthday Chief.. wow, ur 36 years old.. DAM... u look older than me nig. LOL...jk. Have a good year, newlywed, new baby all in the last year... life must be a wonderful breeze for you right about now... God bless.. xo, cookie
  10. lol..ok thx4 breaking it down. Most of the friends I have here in Cali are in their 20's... I don't know how that happened...oh man... lol. Somebody's in trouble.. xo, cookie
  11. 3cookies

    Happy birthday Angel Amor!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got you a few days early on myspace, but im on tyme today still here. lol Have fun fun fun!!!! love ya, xo, cookie
  12. 3cookies


    yea. when i read AJ or Tim's reviews, it usually determine 99% of the tyme weather or not imma get the album. I love Mariah, i love her style, her voice, and her talent, and how she bounced back when things went awry for her awhile back... she definitely deserves recognition for her hard work. I dont think shes got that Diva attitude.. more less,.. she is down to earth and a sweet girl, .. id hang out with her thats 4 sho.. xo, cookie
  13. its actually cool getting older and wiser.. nothing to be afraid of, You've got alot of experience ahead, so lay low and enjoy it. I take that back about Will looking 30'ish.. because he IS in his 30s.. lol. He does look much younger than his age tho.. i have to give him that credit.. xo, cookie
  14. lol...Sandy.. My girlfriend told me the same thing a week ago, the 40's are the new 30's .. whateva thats spose 2 mean. haha. Look at Will.. in that pic when fans were saying he look thin, he look very 30ish to me... thas cool he takes good care of himself.. I like those few gray hairs in his beard tho.. it looks sexy and wise.. haha ok... i just hijacked this thread. sorry CharlieMack. LOL . xo, cookie
  15. 3cookies

    rare clip!

    thx 4 sharing this video clip. I notice a couple of the fans from the board saw it a year ago, but its the first ive ever seen it. I love it, and agree with Kevtastic, FP loves the cameral. lol.. and the camera loves him too.. xo, cookie
  16. u never would have imagined wut??? me turning 19 again> ? thats old news babay! . lol.. xo, cookie
  17. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Missing You - Trey Songz
  18. yea Julie. age aint notin but a number. remember, Jazzy Jeff and I are that age, Jeff got me by a minute tho. lol... Will around the corner this year I think...LOL nevermind.. i forgot ill be turning nineteen this year.. scratch my comment. LOL xo, cookie
  19. 3cookies

    Will Smith will be Barack Obama

    think it will be an oscar worthy role if it happens ? xo, cookie
  20. 3cookies

    Chilli reveals secret Will Smith crush

    Usher is married now... presenter? for what? i must have missed it. xo, cookie
  21. thx 4 that bit o info.. xo, cookie
  22. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    IN the Rain ~ Xscape xo, cookie
  23. 3cookies

    Chilli reveals secret Will Smith crush

    Chilli, i know ur pretty & rich and alll... but u just better stay the heck away from me and Jada's man. :willvspaparazzi: :chuks: :tednmax: :lolsign: LOL... Jada ain't worried about that... xo, cookie
  24. 3cookies

    On the Boards lol

    IM WITH U GUYS... oops caps. lol I know nothing about Fruity Loops, but I can't live without being in or near the studio. Even if im just there vybing off the creative process,... it's the primal thing that keeps my heart smiling... I use ProTools & Reason with my Digi003Rack. My lil ol studio ain't 'bigtyme',... but I can kick out top quality for a preproduction studio... thats 4 sho.. I hope u guys keep at it.. aint nothing like creativity and love of muzik.. :thumbsup: xo, cookie
  25. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    SPEECHLESS ~ BEYONCE :thumbsup: