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  1. Every time I see a video of one of Will’s live performances during the Willenium-era, I can’t help but wonder why Will doesn’t use a handheld microphone instead of a headset... I usually love his live performances – the flow, the energy – but to me, it just looks completely wrong when an emcee doesn’t have a microphone in his hand... And don’t even get me started on the dance routines... That’s what you get from not having a mic in your hand – your hands are free to do all sorts of questionable dance moves...
  2. I haven't seen this mentioned on the board so thought I'd go ahead and post it... At this years Grammy's Chris Brown pays his respect to JJFP while presenting Best Rap Album: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5513s_ch...fptribute_music Nice to see one of the young artists recognizing who paved the way...
  3. Very cool... I'll be sure to catch the show when its shown here in Denmark...
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