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  1. Jeff Waz On The Beatbox (Live 1989)

    Not that Jeff would do it these days. But i'm not convinced her was playing live. Maybe i'm wrong.
  2. Chief back up in ya face.
  3. I down with my '70s funk thanks to digging through my Dad's record collection. 
  4. This is probably on most hit songs / weeks on the charts. Therefore it makes sense. The Beatles and Elvis alone probably have 50 number one tracks between them.
  5. It's gonna be epic, i need to do a write up of when myself and Brakes saw Jeff the other week. We said to Jeff about we'd like album tracks as well as the hits and he assured us we wouldn't be dissapointed..
  6. 20 Years of

    Very very cool and nostalgic read dude. Its crazy how something like a website can bring so many people together and given us the oppurtunities it has. Was so cool hanging with you and getting to see Jeff live them couple of times. Here's to another 20 years.
  7. This video is getting posted by a lot of big sites. I think they didn't believe Will about a tour when he initially mentioned it. But now it's on for sure.
  8. Did we vote on this? I kinda recall we did.
  9. Why a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince tour matters?

    Very cool write up Dude. Will needs to stay focused on this idea and great things will happen with Jeff next year.
  10. Forum Upgrade & New Features!

    Awesome. Will have a proper look round shortly.
  11. Gettin' Jiggy at 31

    Thanks Guys, i know we all have a good story to tell out our history with JJFP's music. It was really cool of Jeff to post the article up on his facebook page as well.

    They sound real cool man. A bit of Speech meets Common, and Mos Def.
  13. Gettin' Jiggy at 31

    Thanks guys. Its a special time for the fans
  14. So I Saw Jeff Last Night...

    I get it Man. I guess me living in a small town its always a case of travelling. Milton Keynes would probably have bee the closest show Jeff has done to me but i was on holiday at the time.