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  1. That's cool Dude. We're all doing basically the same.
  2. VIP viewing area I don't think is as close to the front as Golden Circle. But does get you into an after party. Have you Got a ticket yet?
  3. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    I think this was filmed before even the two August tour dates were announced. So don't worry too much.
  4. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    Watched the preview. Took Will a while to get into Boom lol. But he was digging it by the stutter rap lol
  5. So Tim's just seen in Twitter that general admission for this show has sold out. That's incredible news. Shows Will and Jeff power to move tickets is still there. 21 days to go.
  6. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    James Corden's British influence there with Boom being chosen. Such a massive hit here.
  7. Gonna be awesome seeing you all there. We're pushing double figures now
  8. GUYS - LAST CALL for JJFP Fans We all can see how great these shows are going to be, although there's a reasonable chance Will and Jeff will do other shows going forward. We cannot guarantee that. With how Will's schedule is. Check the those bank accounts. See if there are some great last minute deals you can get on flights. Any flights to Manchester airport will put you within an hour of the venue. I want to see as many of us as possible there.
  9. Be a technology free weekend. Minus a sat Nav
  10. Plenty of time for you to enjoy the show first then
  11. Anyone from this forum who isn't going to these shows are gonna be gutted to miss it. In saying that You should all download the livewire festival app from Google Play or apple store. As there is a section on it for streaming. The app hasn't really been maintained that well, but lets hope they get some use out of it come the shows. The festival begins Friday night with The Jacksons. So will be worth logging in then to see what streaming services they are offering. I'm also in two minds whether to try and avoid watching any videos online of the MTV Croatia show the night before. Its almost like trying to avoid movie spoilers.
  12. What time are you on playing Dude?
  13. Check Jeff and Lynette's Facebook. We have a full live band for these shows. It's gonna be Too Damn Hype in full effect status
  14. You gotta send us sneak peak to the whatsapp group Brakes. Or are you keeping the unveiling til the day?
  15. Now i feel i have to get one made .