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  1. That quote is just in reference to the original 1986 version of the song Girls Ain't Nothing but trouble mentioning Sugar Ray Leonard rather than Nike Tyson in the later 1988 version. As far as we know there was never a different version of I think I can beat Mike Tyson.
  2. This reminds me of when we ripped Switch from the CDUK broadcast back in '05. Once again this site delivering the goods.
  3. It's got a real catchy chorus from what you can here, and a solid rap from Will on that verse. Just release it already Will. Whilst the hype is there
  4. Will's official Youtube channel

    I'm calling Will Smith Out. I dare you to make a new album with Jeff.
  5. Will's official Youtube channel

    Did you hear he was in town Tim?
  6. Nat. Welcome back. You've missed a lot. 2017 was a huge year for us guys seeing Jeff and Will. Hope you're well.
  7. Ted. Sorry Man, but realistically this was never gonna go too far. I think Will and Jeff are pretty content with how there careers and awards have come about. I don't think this is a big concern for us the fans or them.
  8. 'Bright'

    I'll watch it over Christmas. The trailer looked decent. But we'll see i guess. If Will goes into the studio with Jeff in January, then Bright will be the last thing on ours and his mind.
  9. Magnificent 3

    M3 is done Man. Its ready to go. Jeff is looking at very early 2018 for a release. But Jeff is hoping to get Will in the studio for 2 weeks in January.
  10. 'Bright'

    This could be big. Look how Stranger Things has blown up. Netflix is almost a sure thing right now for at least people trying out shows by watching.
  11. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    You guys all need to watch the latest episode of Vinyl Destination.
  12. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    Unfortunately not on this run. Sucks!
  13. Get Lit

    Yeh Guys. It really is a social media marketing world now. Do whatever you ca
  14. Get Lit

    Yeh its a good workout Jam
  15. Great to see these pics again Tim. Looking forward to your article