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  1. Hey Nicole. This post will blow up now you've asked that question. Other than the big hits. I'd definately like to see them do. I'm looking for the one, The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff and Boom Shake The Room is a must just due to how big an anthem it was and still is in the UK. Will be great to finally meet you.
  2. Wonder if they'll be selling any cool merch / tshirts. Would be foolish not to.
  3. This still doesn't quite feel real that this is going to happen. Crazy how things can change in a matter if 48 hours.

    One day, and i don't mean this summer. But the dream of interviewing both Will and Jeff for this site would be incredible.
  5. Anyone going to the Croatia show? Haven't seen anywhere about tickets for that.
  6. If it sells out Dude. Maybe worth selling your ticket and picking up a Golden Circle resell ticket with the cash you get. Maybe a risk. I don't know
  7. JJFPCON 2007

    I will unfortunately wont be able to partake early. But any morning after gathering. Pencil me in lol
  8. Will be straight on to buy a ticket at 10am. However still up in the air if im gonna be able to make it up to the show in time. Its a good friends wedding that day, he is supportive of me dipping away early. But still have to look at my travel situation. Blackpool is a trek from a lot of places in England so its gonna be a race against time. Hopefully they wont be playing til about 8pm or so.
  9. Vinyl Destination Tour - April & May

    Thanks Man. 17 days and counting.
  10. Vinyl Destination Tour - April & May

    It's not looking likely i'll get to any on this tour, due to my wedding and honeymoon coming up. Jeff's playing in Hastings the night of my wedding. If its a late start time he has, he is more than welcome to come do an early set at my wedding
  11. Love seeing success stories like this. If one career doesn't quite go as you planned. Desire will take you on another path to success.
  12. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    This is Big. Let's hope Will rides this in the right direction and not let us down again.
  13. I held off for the physical release but finally got that a week a go. The album is pure fire. Every track sounds different, and the flow of all the guys performing is on top of their game. Very happy with it. Releases like this and De La Soul this year tell me that Will shouldn't be afraid in his mid to late 40s in releasing material.
  14. This will be dope, I'm sure. Ted, Kendrick is one of the few modern artists i think is deserving of an appearance. Plus it helps bring in a new audience to Tribe with his name value.