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    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only around who likes Mongolian music? Until a month ago I thought Lost & Found was the best CD of 2005 but I have changed my mind. The CD by Hosoo & Ensamble Transmongolia is better, its one of the best tracks all time. Heres two samples: http://www.hosoo.de/media/gesang_Track02.mp3 http://www.hosoo.de/media/gesang_Track13.mp3
  2. Lerkot

    Our first musicvideo

    Yeah actually we put the volume up quite high and I dont want my mother to hear those cheesy lyrics, actually I dont want her to hear me at all, but anyway, I decided I had to close it.
  3. Lerkot

    On the power of positive thinking

    Forces? You like Star Wars, dont ya? I dont agree. There arent positive and negative "forces". I think its kind of obvious that you are one of those religious people who consider the not religious peoples evil. Nothing is about all about bad vs. good. Its so ****ing ignorant to even think in that way. It might be the truth in bad Hollywood movies, "There are basically negative and positive forces in this universe. You must relinquish AUTHORITY over your life to one or the other, but can not supress your inner power to a neutral state, or you wont grow." Grow in what way? "By relinquishing Authority over your life to God, you literally yeild positive results and abundance in prosperity thats real, and as Will says, yields happy endings that are lasting. " Yes. All people who believe in good gets happy endings. Here are some examples: The jews in the 40's, the millions of people in Christian countries in Africa that has been killed by pope John Paul II. I think I keep the authority over myself to myself, or perhaps to Fidel Castro, a man who truley has helped his people grow. Interesting that he is one of few dictators who is not religious... "likewise, if you choose to relinquish authority/ or your 'power' to evil, you may also gain abundance in material things, but happiness or fruitfulness won't yield longevity, because it didnt come from God. Its all about Bad Vs Good. " What is evil? Satan? If I dont become a satanist I'm not evil? Personally I'm sure there are nothing as simple as bad or good, except maybe for that sandwich I made yesterday, that was really bad. I think the bread was a bit old. Not even Hitler was all bad. Not even Nelson Mandela is all good. Pfft. Leave your house. See the world. How old are you? 40? Time to see the world and learn how it works. Time to quit all this redundance and to see beyond good and bad. Its the thinking of a five year old, "its all about good and bad". And that good would come from God and bad from "evil"... thats a bit dittleidoo. But hey, maybe I should feel bad for you as I do with Ned Flanders, Rod and Todd.
  4. I have yet to see it, but it sounds like something I would like. I like slow movies.
  5. Im writing an article right now where I write about olden but golden players in football (soccer). In the article, I am going to pick two teams: one with players playing today at 40 or older and one with players who played on a pretty high level until their 40s. I got a few players but I need more. Todays squad so far: Keepers: Marco Ballotta (Lazio, 43 years), Gianluca Pagliuca (Ascoli, 40 years), Raimond van der Gouw (AGOVV, 44 years) more? Defenders: Alessandro Costacurta (Milan, 41 years), Roland Nilsson (GAIS's occasionally playing manager, 44 years) Midfielders: ? Attackers: Teddy Sheringham (West Ham, soon 41 years) All time (or not really, but players quitting in 1990 and onwards): Keepers: Peter Shilton (Last club Leyton Orient, played until 47), Dave Beasant (Brighton, played until 44-45) Defenders: Donato (Last club Deportivo La Coruna, played until 40)
  6. Ive been listening to Pharcyde a lot recently. Thats a really good hiphop group, their first CD is very jazzy. This is definitely one of my favorite hiphop groups, but what do you guys think? You like em?
  7. Lerkot

    What do you think about Pharcyde

    I love their two firsts CDs. All of the tracks on those are my favorites, kinda. Passing Me By is really good though, kinda in its own class.
  8. Lerkot

    Faces Behind Post III

    Yeah... and I dont live to far from Belgium... mohahahaha.
  9. Lerkot

    BNF 2K7

    Id like to hear it.
  10. Seems its been taken down?
  11. Lerkot

    Will Out in NYC

    Cant find the photos, got some more direct links?
  12. Lerkot

    Eurovision song contest smack talk

    The Eurovision is a sad, sad contest. I bet we will suck this year like every other year. Well not just us, I bet everyone will suck.
  13. Lerkot

    Old School video games

    Myself I am, as most europeans, a Sega guy meaning I've grown up with Master System and Mega Drive (Genesis). And sure while the good old classics still are very good, there are lots of crap from before today as well. I bet there are memorable games released today as well, maybe not as many, but still, just like there was the same number of **** games in the past as in today.
  14. Lerkot


    I dont know, but I wouldnt call it news. He's been speaking of them for a couple of years.
  15. Lerkot

    Vocal Stripping software

    It would be very wierd and not to say strange as hell if it could be done... logically.
  16. Lerkot


    If Soundwave is in it I hope FP will make the voice, lol.
  17. Lerkot


    AZ is a though team though. Dutch teams are obviously underrated in Europe. Year after year they make good results and I think PSV has a good chance of knocking out Liverpool.
  18. Latest track: http://personal.gamingeye.com/lerkot/Thefe...hingsinlife.mp3
  19. http://personal.gamingeye.com/lerkot/Thefe...hingsinlife.mp3
  20. Lerkot

    Wikipedia dissing Will Smith

    I dont feel like some kind of rebel and I dont try to be like one either. Everything got its dark, grey and light sides and I always try to see them all. I do get in a lot of conflicts because I have very Scandinavian opinions about things but I cant lie to make people agree with me. This doesnt make my day - I actually dont care about it really, but its interesting to hear an honest opinion for once. The religion quote is definitely provoking though, just like AJs. Actually, his quote is the entire reason why I wrote that in my signature. He had some success with his provoking (spell?) quote and thats i congratulate him for. Theres one more reason though. I felt it was a very stupid quote so I wanted to counter it with some wisedom. I didnt attack AJ because he dont know what Wikipedia is. In fact, I didnt really attack him at all as I see. But sure, I could have avoided writing that but.. hey.. he begged for it, again by provoking with his "I know it all"-kind of quote. And no I'm not small in every sense of the word. You should see my stommach. It eats people.
  21. Lerkot

    Rap Industry Death Throes

    Its not dead. It just sucks.
  22. Lerkot

    Wikipedia dissing Will Smith

    I wouldnt say that.
  23. Lerkot

    Knowlege Vs Imagination

    Knowledge is far more important, but imagination is very important as well. You cant do **** without knowledge but you can do alot without imagination. To reach the real heights though, you gotta have both.