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  1. Lerkot

    Where is everyone from here?

    Sweden, Lund.
  2. Lerkot

    Da Brakes JJFP Video

    Jeff still sounds like an 21 year old boy :)
  3. Lerkot

    Wuts ur fav. Will Smith song..?

    Miami feels like a modern Summertime, so I like that song alot. The only thing missing in the music video is a white table and Jazzy Jeff btw.
  4. Lerkot

    A Great Year For JJFP Fans...

    Yeah, much to see and listen at... but... the one thing we all hope for is a real reunion, right?
  5. Lerkot

    Bird Scratch

    You know, transformer scratch and chirp scratch is very common in the DJ-world, even here in Sweden! But the third scratch Jazzy made in "The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff", the bird, i havent seen somebody do that one in a very long time. Im no expert DJ, so i just wonder if the bird scratch is pretty much like the chirp scratch so thats why its not so famous caz it doesnt really have a name? I hope you understand...
  6. Lerkot

    Will's Big Mistake

    Well, Will Smith was not feeling very well btw 93 to 99 or 97 so and I really think his friends was the ones who got the most problems because of it. Will had problems to manage the fact that he was a celebrity and that made both Rock C and Jazzy Jeff mad. The fact that Jazzy is a mature man who understood Wills situation made that he didnt want more money and glamour then i already got from the JJFP-years. Rock C was a gloryhunter. He wanted more money cause he was mad on Will. C didnt want the era to end and he didnt understand why Fresh Prince decided to call it a day. C knew that he was never going to be a star, so he sued Fresh Prince because he knew that the JJFP-era had ended. This is just speculations by me, written on sucky english.
  7. Lerkot

    Best Track/cd

    looks like everybody loves summertime
  8. Lerkot

    Live at Union Square

    yeah man viktor, we should be lucky that will is kinda mainstream ^^
  9. Lerkot

    Brand New Funk Video

    man im really unlucky living in this country (sweden). we dont got a lot of music video collections and that cool stuff. i really think the jfffp music videos are great, especailly Summertime who gives a romantic pic over how it was in the beginning of the 90s when i was small as hell. Man, 85-95 must be the best ten years in the history!
  10. Lerkot

    Unreleased Track?

    yup. i think this song is a little bit special because fp really sings more than talks if you know what i mean.
  11. Lerkot

    Best Track/cd

    Thats cool. Charlie Mack is not really the most regular choice on hes the dj i must say :)
  12. this was really dope, but im no hugh fan of brand new funk but after this i really think its a okey song, thx hero1
  13. BROKER is kind fo crap, you can find better FTP-progs on download.com
  14. Lerkot

    Live at Union Square 86

    i would be surprised if it doesnt exist. although its very hard to find but im sure some harcore fan got the a tape or maybe some pics.
  15. Lerkot

    Lost And Found March 29!

    i really dont think this album will be the best one, fp has lost a lot of the special and relaxing "sound" he had for ten years ago or so
  16. dunno if this is the right forum but i guess it is because of the forums title :) well, here in sweden we dont have a lot of JJFP-music and i cant find: - nightmare on my street - parents just dont understand - girls ain't nothin' but trouble so i just wanna know if you know how to get the songs here on internet?
  17. Lerkot

    searching for some stuff...

    Thanks a lot Vik! ohh, tack så mycket menar jag :)
  18. Lerkot

    Will appointed AIDS ambassador

    "All the homeboys that got AIDS - be quiet." - Will in Live at Union Square I hope he doesnt say that to the ppl with aids :)
  19. Lerkot

    Jazzy Jeff Rapping

    hmm :p i prefer will
  20. Lerkot

    Tatyana Ali in teen sex comedy?

    i really hope she keeps her dignity and dont do like many other celebs...