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  1. Lerkot

    You Saw My Blinker = odd?

    We all is me and my pet, sorry.
  2. Lerkot

    Da Brakes JJFP Video

    Really nice, which part will the Summertime be in? (please say that its in part 4)
  3. Lerkot

    Switch...next week?

    I dont think Switch will be a good song :( Im not optimistic about the future for Will.
  4. Lerkot

    Da Brakes JJFP Video

    Hmm, I must add to my earlier reply... Sure, Jazzy Jeff still sounds like a 21-yearold, but Will certainly doesnt ;)
  5. Lerkot

    Where is everyone from here?

    Sweden, Lund.
  6. Lerkot

    Da Brakes JJFP Video

    Jeff still sounds like an 21 year old boy :)
  7. Lerkot

    Wuts ur fav. Will Smith song..?

    Miami feels like a modern Summertime, so I like that song alot. The only thing missing in the music video is a white table and Jazzy Jeff btw.
  8. Lerkot

    A Great Year For JJFP Fans...

    Yeah, much to see and listen at... but... the one thing we all hope for is a real reunion, right?
  9. Lerkot

    Bird Scratch

    You know, transformer scratch and chirp scratch is very common in the DJ-world, even here in Sweden! But the third scratch Jazzy made in "The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff", the bird, i havent seen somebody do that one in a very long time. Im no expert DJ, so i just wonder if the bird scratch is pretty much like the chirp scratch so thats why its not so famous caz it doesnt really have a name? I hope you understand...
  10. Lerkot

    Will's Big Mistake

    Well, Will Smith was not feeling very well btw 93 to 99 or 97 so and I really think his friends was the ones who got the most problems because of it. Will had problems to manage the fact that he was a celebrity and that made both Rock C and Jazzy Jeff mad. The fact that Jazzy is a mature man who understood Wills situation made that he didnt want more money and glamour then i already got from the JJFP-years. Rock C was a gloryhunter. He wanted more money cause he was mad on Will. C didnt want the era to end and he didnt understand why Fresh Prince decided to call it a day. C knew that he was never going to be a star, so he sued Fresh Prince because he knew that the JJFP-era had ended. This is just speculations by me, written on sucky english.
  11. Lerkot

    Best Track/cd

    looks like everybody loves summertime
  12. Lerkot

    Live at Union Square

    yeah man viktor, we should be lucky that will is kinda mainstream ^^
  13. Lerkot

    Brand New Funk Video

    man im really unlucky living in this country (sweden). we dont got a lot of music video collections and that cool stuff. i really think the jfffp music videos are great, especailly Summertime who gives a romantic pic over how it was in the beginning of the 90s when i was small as hell. Man, 85-95 must be the best ten years in the history!
  14. Lerkot

    Unreleased Track?

    yup. i think this song is a little bit special because fp really sings more than talks if you know what i mean.
  15. Lerkot

    Best Track/cd

    Thats cool. Charlie Mack is not really the most regular choice on hes the dj i must say :)
  16. this was really dope, but im no hugh fan of brand new funk but after this i really think its a okey song, thx hero1
  17. BROKER is kind fo crap, you can find better FTP-progs on download.com
  18. Lerkot

    Live at Union Square 86

    i would be surprised if it doesnt exist. although its very hard to find but im sure some harcore fan got the a tape or maybe some pics.
  19. Lerkot

    Lost And Found March 29!

    i really dont think this album will be the best one, fp has lost a lot of the special and relaxing "sound" he had for ten years ago or so
  20. dunno if this is the right forum but i guess it is because of the forums title :) well, here in sweden we dont have a lot of JJFP-music and i cant find: - nightmare on my street - parents just dont understand - girls ain't nothin' but trouble so i just wanna know if you know how to get the songs here on internet?
  21. Lerkot

    searching for some stuff...

    Thanks a lot Vik! ohh, tack så mycket menar jag :)
  22. Lerkot

    Will appointed AIDS ambassador

    "All the homeboys that got AIDS - be quiet." - Will in Live at Union Square I hope he doesnt say that to the ppl with aids :)
  23. Lerkot

    Jazzy Jeff Rapping

    hmm :p i prefer will
  24. Lerkot

    Tatyana Ali in teen sex comedy?

    i really hope she keeps her dignity and dont do like many other celebs...