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  1. oh wow, i go and enjoy Christmas and not go on here for three days and I get hit by AOL news and am like....what are the hype fans saying? haha, anyway, you take this with a grain of salt, as long as it doesn't blow up like it did for Tom when he called foul on the farce practice of psychiatric drug prescribing. this should blow over. hopefully.
  2. Well, considering my taste in music is second to none :stickpoke: , I'll try to explain myself: 1.) His flow does not stand out. I mean, every rapper has something distinct in his flow. You hear a KRS track, you know it's a KRS track and if anyone else bit it, you'd know just because of the swagger/flow in the way the rhymes are written. And that's with ANY rapper, regardless of quality: you know who wrote it by the way the material flows. Lupe's rhymes, while extremely clever, feel like any number of rappers could speak it and you wouldn't know the difference. He doesn't stand out from the pack in his flow. Instead it feels like he follows the curve with a little bit of everyone in his rhymes. 2.) Production is repetitive. The first album was notable in the diversity of production, while this album feels like Linkin Park was behind every song. Very inorganic music with too much of that signature altered drum and that signature altered snare and the signature altered clap...it's all signature in the sense so many synth bands overuse it, and now Lupe jumps into that mix. 3.) His breathe points in the music feel forced. This is a minor problem, but Kanye too has the same problem. It feels like a physical barrier they have in the way they rap that is very noticable. They break abnormally at correct intervals. It's as if they want to rhyme into the middle of a verse and take a breathe, yet they don't because they know the correct intervals, so they end up taking forced breathes early. 4.) The introduction. It really feels like Lupe gets too high and mighty with these poems. I don't like them and it really just makes me not interested. 5.) He attacks too many themes at once. Guns in the hands of children? Good conversation topic. Oh, now obesity in America? Where's the transition? Why the forced run around the world of topics. It feels like his effort is spread thin by trying to be this uber-conscious rapper, when he could specialize on a few topics and be hailed as an awesome political MC. 6.) This is an offshoot of #5 but I feel, especially with him saying he will retire after the third album, that he's trying to attain a lofty status and in doing so squeezing in so many different themes into one album to build his catalog. The fact is, you don't become legendary that way. You become notable in the time period you performed, but it's how you consistently create that causes people to categorize you in the higher ranks of whatever genre or niche you're going for. I just think he tries to do too much in too little and ends up turning me, the listener, away. Maybe I'm the only one, and if so, that's fine.
  3. I can't stand "The Cool." I tried my best, I just really, really don't feel it. I can't even play it on shuffle with the rest of my collection. I don't know why but it really annoys me.
  4. Bob


    I'm a spoiled college kid, what can I say. I finished shopping and am doing errands like crazy so my parents don't even think to ask me to find some work for the break.... Merry Christmas!
  5. Bob

    Will and Scientology

    I don't like the practices of Scientology that interfere with other religions. I don't like the bully approach to their public perception. But they are still allow to believe what they want to believe. I hope Will doesn't leave Christianity. I just think it's very hypocritical for me or anyone to blast one set of beliefs when mine are illogical too (when it comes to scientific basis).
  6. Bob

    "We probably wont record anymore"

    Definitely going to try and pursuade at least one of my friends to take out the loans alongside me to get front row in Philly. I will go and do stubhub or wanaticket or whatever to get that frontrow. it's only once.......
  7. Bob

    Smith's reality show?

    and it's overexposure which is killer...plus his family is too good to be broken up by the stresses of a hollywood camera crew. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  8. will looks like he hasn't slept in days ahhaa. seriously, will needs to chill.
  9. Bob

    Hancock trailer is here!

    This will be great as it's gonna get the FPOBA and Independence Day Will Smith a fresh look again. it's a great break between the serious stuff.
  10. 4:30pm, sold out on a friday: 3 miles off campus was the nearest theater...and it's a pedestrian campus, so it shows the resolve. and it's also a school with nothing around it. I think Will's numbers are going to be staggering.
  11. Bob

    What a great movie!

    I left a voicemail for my dad yesterday saying they should put a sign outside of the movie warning those with pre-existing heart conditions to not attend. it really is a roller coaster.
  12. Bob

    True Hollywood Story

    wow they got it really wrong...Big Willie Style his third album????????????????????? No mention AT ALL of And in This Corner... very disappointing.
  13. Bob

    Will Smith best rapper alive?

    it's a nice up to will. I enjoy that he emphasized it too with the double voice and drop in instrumentals to make it a huge point in the song. hm, fun. Plus, the jordan line is right. Iverson crossing him is what it comes down to.
  14. Bob

    Rate I Am Legend

    Ok, I know a 10 just makes me look like a stan....but hear me out, half of this is due to the circumstances around this movie: Penn State's downtown theater ISN'T CARRYING the movie. SO I had to go (with some friends of mine) and take a bus out to the movie theater out some ways. We decided to a 4:30pm showing because of our dances we all have to go to (end of year formalities) and THE THEATER IS PACKED. AT 4:30, COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WAY, AWAY FROM the University!!! And it's been 1 hour and 30 minutes and my heart is still in my throat. I hate horror/suspense, but this movie just messed with me soo much. I've always wondered what isolation would be like, considering my grandpa detailed to me some of the tactics he was put under when a Prisoner of War in Germany in WW2...I always wanted to see how easy I am to break... anyway, the movie should have a warning that anyone with pre-existing heart conditions should not see it, because it was a roller coaster! The casualties along the way made this movie not a "Will Smith" movie, but a serious attempt at cinematic horror/suspense. The desperation his character experiences and displays just hits your deepest emotions and really gets you to believe you are him, trapped, isolated. His mental breakdown is perfectly done, more believable than even Tom Hanks in Cast Away...I would have cracked soo much earlier than Tom did in that movie and it almost felt like he was disassociated with the average person. Will Smith, on the other hand, really relates to an average dude who is really unable to handle an unbelievable, insurmountable task. His character just rips at your security and exposes you to this completely vulnerable state. I am still calming down from the movie.
  15. The dog would be absolutely crucial to my sanity. I always have pondered what isolation would do to me. Isolation with danger would only add to the likelihood of me breaking down. ahhh the movie still has my heart beating like crazy
  16. WWE does S2S (Superstar to Superstar) every week... And since I Am Legend has been the sponsor of this month's WWE broadcasts, here's the interview: http://www.wwe.com/content/media/video/vms...ber8-14/6028090
  17. Considering we can waste our time with commentary on the Patriots, an American football team in an American only league, I thought I'd bridge the gap and talk about the awesome match-up from last night between a good ol' Brit, Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton and the American A--hole, Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather. First off, behind Philadelphians who bring hometown loyalty to the highest point possible, I find the Brits and Italians 2nd and 3rd in world's most passionate fans. The MGM was invaded last night by the Redcoats and they really made an amazing show of the pre-fight festivities. With that said, and me being an American, I couldn't help wanting Hatton to win all week before the fight. I can't stand Mayweather at all. He's crass, he's disrespectful, and I still don't believe that split win over De La Hoya was really a win. Floyd is the kid in the 2007 "Rocky Balboa" movie. He has been tested though; I will give him that. Ricky Hatton is a standup gentleman with a sarcastic comedic side, and his no-rest attitude is a fan-favorite style. He played the good guy, while Floyd didn't play his terrible, bad guy character too much this month. Anyway, to the introductions. I started hearing the Brits going on and on, and I was amused, considering that passion is never heard in America outside of the City of Brotherly Love. Yet, when God Save the Queen was respected by Americans, the English booed over the Star Spangled Banner. It was then that I started to think that, hey, I should support the guy representing the States. Mayweather played to that sentiment, and I think won many fans, when he came out to "Born in the USA." USA chants broke out and the arena was taken back by the USA. The Match: -Mayweather looked more poised than ever, or at least 4 times more poised than his anxious self who slipped by De La Hoya in May. He looked like a rock and his form and fundamentals were right on. The Hitman got the first staggering shot, and I was pretty surprised. Mayweather, of course, let the fight come to him. He never pushes the fight until he has an opening late in the bout. -Hatton pushed the match even more than De La Hoya did in May. And that's a lot. I had seen Hatton play an amazing stamina game, constantly going and never tiring before. He really brought it, and he just looked like you had him on fast-forward. -Problem for Hatton was, he was hitting a wall. Mayweather covered everything. Nothing was open; the shoulder was falling every second, the duck-game ensued. -There was A LOT of grappling, to the point the ref was getting heated. Hatton gave Floyd a shot to the back of the head at one point, and was deducted for it. What ensued next, was Hatton turning his behind towards Mayweather and bending over. Although it got a laugh from me, if Mayweather would have done that, he would have been executed. There was no class in that gesture. -So what happened after the "friendly" gesture? Mayweather hit a gear I haven't seen in fights in years. He is so conservative his whole career, and you rarely see the extent of his offense. -The whole match was just waiting and baiting by Floyd, as the Hitman threw everything and the kitchen sink. Mayweather never felt a thing though. He got a cut on Hitman though, the one thing known to really affect Ricky.. -10th round, Mayweather found the opening, dropping Hatton pretty hard. Ricky got up at the 8 second count, and some 30 seconds later, Mayweather took him down a second time. And that was it. End of match ceremonies saw Floyd giving Hatton some good respect and mentioning that the Hitman was his toughest opponent. The question is, who's left? I wasn't, but now I'm a believer in Mayweather. The only other dominating guys in his weight class don't compete in boxing, they do MMA. And they are two completely different beasts. Who watched the fight? Anyone have their own thoughts? Boxing has been hit pretty hard as a sport but this fight was the epitome of a great fight.
  18. the thing is, it seems like he had no confidence to do that in may against de la hoya. he was coasting until this match. i really do think Hatton bending over in disrespect lit a fire in floyd
  19. Well I meet the most rabid and hands-down passionate fans every week back in philly... you actually have ownership that cares, that's why our pain is unimaginable. 85 for the bears is alot better than never for the eagles....i mean we have THE DRAUGHT since 80 nothing...at ....all. nothing in baseball, basketball, football, hockey....except the minor league hockey team. yay. Oh man, Ja rule and Ashanti. wow. hahahhaha.
  20. I mean, you're up there, but the heartache we've felt and the loyalty still takes us above the rest. you've enjoyed your bulls and hawks from time to time..and we've never really gotten anything since the 70's. cubs do have a similarity to the phils though, we have mutual pain.
  21. Bob


    Did you watch the game? Yes, we stalled in the middle, but, and I never say this, the referees killed us. There were 4 big, late non-calls and 3 huge bad calls against us. For example: 4th and 6 at the 2 minute mark and McNabb throws to Jason Avant. Avant is hit by Pierce before Avant can get the ball. No call, and Pierce admits the blown call. So what happens after? The defense does amazing and we get the ball back with 53 seconds on our own 11 yard line. Super 5 completes 3 beautiful passes in a row that bring us to the giants territory. He can drive like no other..Only thing is, on the second of those passes, a nice 20 yard pass, middle of the field, the Eagles run to spike the ball, and Westbrook is SAT on 20 yards back. An obvious delay of game that got even the national announcers making it clear that the officials had taken the game out of the Eagles' hands. and Akers kick bounced off the post, which was heartbreaking. Super 5 played good, scrambling, and affording an average of 7 seconds (the NFL average is 2.2 seconds) to his receivers all day, with some amazing pocket presence, yet the coverage was there and the receivers showed no escapability. Oh, and a great blown call was when our cornerback tackled their receiver on third down, and the receiver was never out of bounds, but the refs were dumb enough to think he was, so we got a 15 yard roughing penalty. We coulda been dominant, yes, but the refs took the game out of our hands. they were terrible. watch the footage. and ESPN was on and the analysts were mentioning the field goal going off the post was indicative to this season. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and if we won the games we should have won, we'd be 9-4 or 10-3, not 5-8. It's BS and we still have a longshot, but thankfully, the Eagles Owner said McNabb will be back next season as starter and him completely healthy, plus this season behind us will give us the edge over the NFL.
  22. it's probably the cheater boasting...sorry Patriot boasting that is scaring everyone away...
  23. ah man, i'd like him to get hyped on the tour and decide to.... (you all can fill in the sentence because we all are thinking the same thing)