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  1. On 6/30/2019 at 8:34 PM, Ale said:

    Yea, the 'BNF' performance from rehearsals was posted on Facebook shortly after the two 2017 concerts. I had the chance to watch it before they removed it (talked about it on this thread: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/topic/16117-jazzy-jeff-and-fresh-prince-are-back-2-live-shows/?page=18). Hope Will or someone releases it just like 'From Da South'. Would be dope to see as much footage as possible!

    Cris got in trouble for dropping it. He has some more goodies if wills people agree to put em out.

  2. 3 hours ago, DevilsJim89 said:

    First of all - this was dope! It's great to hear a straight-up rap track from Will. From Da South is fantastic and I'd never would've thought he'd ever do that live or in-studio. 

    They must've shot so much footage that I hope it gets released. Clearly they did Brand New Funk so I hope they release that too. It looks like it could be part of some documentary or something. Fingers crossed!

    I said to Cris they should release it as a Netflix documentary and he did like the comment... fingers crossed.

  3. The music is so good combined with a great movie it’s Will at his best. Aladdin has made $116 million opening in the US, it was projected about 75, and it’s on its way to $360-400 million in the US alone and will be Wills biggest movie ever. Soundtrack is no 1 all over the world too.

  4. 2 hours ago, MaxFly said:

    Reviewers seem to be ok with it, but movie goers seem to love it so far.


    Some of the reviews are quite divergent and pretty negative. There's a "Disney money grab" narrative that everyone who dislikes the movie has seemed to latch onto. Some have panned Will's performance as just a poor copycat of Robin Williams' while others have praised it for daring to be different from Robin's with a fresh, hip hop sensibility, while paying homage to the original.

    I loved Aladdin man..one of wills best performances...my full cinema applauded at the end. I think everyone who saw it loved it. This is gonna be huge. I’m expecting 1 billion worldwide.

  5. 12 hours ago, fan 4ever said:

    Lyrics of Will's verse.

    West Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground is where I... **** all that
    Came in the game on my neon fresh
    Won the first rap Grammy so I guess I'm blessed
    Come off tours, walk on sets
    Everybody followin' the trends I set
    60 million sold, doin' it different
    And my IG poppin' from doing it different
    Bad vibrations, I stay distant
    RattPack, MSFTS, doin' it different
    Fortnite doin' the Carlton dance
    Come on, it's just different, man

    Love it!!