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  1. The music is so good combined with a great movie it’s Will at his best. Aladdin has made $116 million opening in the US, it was projected about 75, and it’s on its way to $360-400 million in the US alone and will be Wills biggest movie ever. Soundtrack is no 1 all over the world too.

  2. 2 hours ago, MaxFly said:

    Reviewers seem to be ok with it, but movie goers seem to love it so far.


    Some of the reviews are quite divergent and pretty negative. There's a "Disney money grab" narrative that everyone who dislikes the movie has seemed to latch onto. Some have panned Will's performance as just a poor copycat of Robin Williams' while others have praised it for daring to be different from Robin's with a fresh, hip hop sensibility, while paying homage to the original.

    I loved Aladdin man..one of wills best performances...my full cinema applauded at the end. I think everyone who saw it loved it. This is gonna be huge. I’m expecting 1 billion worldwide.

  3. 12 hours ago, fan 4ever said:

    Lyrics of Will's verse.

    West Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground is where I... **** all that
    Came in the game on my neon fresh
    Won the first rap Grammy so I guess I'm blessed
    Come off tours, walk on sets
    Everybody followin' the trends I set
    60 million sold, doin' it different
    And my IG poppin' from doing it different
    Bad vibrations, I stay distant
    RattPack, MSFTS, doin' it different
    Fortnite doin' the Carlton dance
    Come on, it's just different, man

    Love it!!