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Jiggy lyrics question

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ok this has been bugging me, i was listening to the fugees album today and in one track they wyclef says "Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa ". On gettin jiggy wit it, u can hear Will say the same thing, altho he says "uh uh" over it. Does anyone know if Will took it from this song, i know he was a big fan of the score and what does it actually mean?

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Well, since the single version waz intended for promotion...not 2 make money off of it, i think there waz some kinda legal loop hole. That's why the album version had 2 be edited. FP could have probably have gotten away with the original version of "...Jiggy..." but just desided 2 just make them the same version...besides, the DJ EZ Rock + Rob Base samples were taken out 2.

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