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Tell It like it is vs. Lost and Found


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Is this referring to Luda's "Tell It Like It Is"? You should tell us who did the track 'cause all of us might not be familiar, btw I'd have to take "Lost and Found" by far although Luda actually did come strong on his track, Will represents what he's saying better so you gotta go with him there

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Well, i only listened 2 Ludacris' album in a store. And i'd have 2 say "Lost + Found" cuz when i peeped the album, it didn't stand out 4 me enough 2 even remember it. Ludacris isn't my kinda artist, but i still listened 2 it in stores cuz i try 2 give everything a chance and while i thought there were a few good beats on the album, none of the album stood out as very lyrical 2 me. Looking beyond the actual music...if u are going 2 put Ludacris up against the Fresh Prince...i don't think Luda has a chance.

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Tell It Like It Is isn't a bad track, i was feelin' it, very true, solid track. However, I agree with AJ, Luda doesn't really compare to Will, I still take Lost and Found.

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