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Right we kinda did this before a long time ago, but i thought it'd be good for all the old and new members of recent times to give a quick summary of themselves. I'm often mistaking people for others on here as far as age, Location and all that goes. Be good to have a written piece to check out occasionally.

Okay here goes

Name - Kevin Tasker

Age - 22

Location - Kettering, England

JJFP fan since - 1998

Job - Hotel Food Service Assistant / DJ / Filmmaker

Yeh i know you can check this sort of info out on profiles but having them all in one thread would be easier.

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Name - Victor Berglund

Age - 15

Location - Stockholm, Sweden

JJFP fan since - 2000

Job - Still in school

I own 15 will movies and 21 Will/Jeff/JJFP CD:s and Singles.

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Name: Ryan Powers

Age: 19

Location: Storrs, CT

JJFP Fan Since: 1997

School: University of Connecticut

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