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Will Smith working with Kanye West?


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I think those hip hop fans that debate over the bad rappers that R so ridiculous, overlook Kanye West. People want back the JJFP, Chuck D, KRS-One. and all that. I don't think Kanye West talked about ice and gloated about money. He's made his music fun, powerful, relavent, and real. He is quite popular. Too much of him could be a bad thing 2 people, but look at what he's done.

He's worked wit Slum Village, Dilated Peoples, White Boy (who I neva heard of), Brandy, Talib Kweli, etc. And he's on Roc-A-Fella. U know how the Roc would rap, both on mainstream and mixtape. Kanye doesn't hang like that. He brings them a different quality. In my opinion better, but it doesn't really matter and no one really takes note he's a Roc-A-Fella. He's a great new artist. But I hope this isn't a one time thing. If anyone makes it that way, it will be the fans.

And all those rappers like Nelly, 50, Cash Money, and then JJFP, KRS-One, Kanye West, Ja Rule, Dr.Dre; u know pretty much any1 u want, but make the reading difference significant. and see if u 4got their hip hop. And if they in fact changed, see if there's a reason, then believe what u want.
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It 's the only page i check every day all the info i need :bowdown:
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Only eva heard Kanye's singles. He seems to have come out of nowhere in the mainstream, yet everyone wans to work with him.

Im not gonna judge him cos as i said i've only heard his singles.

Will be interesting to hear the collab between the two.
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Just check this man's [url="http://community.allhiphop.com/showthread.php?t=50723"]Production Resume[/url]. He's been doin his thing long before he picked up a mic. His work with FP could be genious. There aren't many beats Kanye has made that suck.

Check the charts, Kanye's always making hits. He could easily help FP reach #1. A verse by Kanye on a track wouldn't be a bad thing either.
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 9 2004, 12:01 PM]i hate Jay-Z[/quote]
How Can u Hate Jay Z???, even thought he is not the same kind of rapper as will, his flows are masterpeices, songs like "Moment Of Clarity" and "Threat" are brilliant, sorry for tho's who hate jay z but i think the man is a genouis, his lyrics and flow are perfect, how can you diss jigga like that, hes worked with kayne west, pharrel williams, biggie, beyonce, DMX, Ja Rule (which i didnt like) n more, hes inspirated milllions of up coming rappers, just like me :rock: lol joking

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