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eminem and jeff


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im not sure if this was the place i found out about the song...but apparently eminem did a song that jazzy produced for him..

its called "when to stand up"

he makes 2 referances to jjfp in the song. including a shoutout of somesort to jeff...

in the beat you can hear some of the sounds he usually uses... like the one that was in freakin it

hope this isnt were i found out about it...then i wont be cool

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Yeah, i wish this track would officially be released. This waz done back when Eminem came with crazy wit and stinging, creative lyrics. Jeff's beat is dope and Paul Yamz does what he always does. It really is a dope track...it deserves a proper release.

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his scratchin, and when Em says: "So Jeff, give me a scratch, y'all can kiss my ass until your lips stick to my pants", hehe


you can click on the link, and say thanks to Luigie :shake:

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man pauly yamz flow is really bad on that track. and actually i dont like the line where em says "when Will and Jeff were still best friends..."

Funny that Jeff didn't want him to change that line, but you know that he cares a lot about artistical freedom, so it didnt really suprize me. But on the other side you had all those people who didnt really know well about the real deal of JJFP, consequently people believed even more in all that bull**** about Will letting Jeff down.

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