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  1. thats ridicoulous are you saying i can't state an OPINION like everyone else because thats what i did state an OPINION you are not making any sense
  3. lol i find that laughable coming from you when two people SHARE a computer its called SHARING GET IT? what an idiot
  4. i think will probably didn't write runaway love because he writes songs that are 10 times better
  5. i wouldn't agree considering how if this is an jazzy jeff board there would be NO 50 CENT POST GET IT.
  6. what are you talking about i don't even know dude? think about it how long have i ben posting and when was the last time you seen me post as someone else?
  7. i think certain songs are saved for special occasions
  8. aj you are SO out of line anyone can respond to any post and you would feel the same way if someone talked about your rock and roll faves on this board so get a life dude totally uncalled for
  9. just thought i 'd post this for busy bee fans
  10. AHH Accessories Wireless News E-mail Story Print Story Busy Bee Releases Classic Hip-Hop Recordings By EbenGregory Date: 1/11/2007 3:40 pm Hip-Hop pioneer The Chief Rocker Busy Bee and Urban Gold Music recently released The History Of Hip Hop Volume One, the first release in a 10-CD compilation series featuring vintage battles and performances from the late 1970's and early 1980's. The new album features digitally remastered classic material that documents Busy Bee’s storied career from the beginning of Hip-Hop, including never before released audio. The CD's also feature celebrated MC's like The Cold Crush Brothers, The Jazzy Five, Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Flash. With a career that spans over thirty years, Busy Bee, born David Parker, began rapping in 1977 and earned a reputation as one of New York’s top battle rappers. Busy Bee also won the New Music Seminar's MC World Supremacy Belt in 1986. As one of the main characters in the pioneering Hip-Hop movie Wild Style, Busy Bee was thrust into the national spotlight, after his legendary battle against Lil' Rodney C of the Funky 4 + 1 and Double Trouble and a historic battle with rapper Kool Moe Dee. Below is the official track listing for The History Of Hip Hop Volume One. For more information or to purchase the new CD, log onto www.myspace.com/chiefrockerbusybee. 1. Busy Bee vs Kool Moe Dee – Harlem World 2. Busy Bee at The Celebrity Club 3. Busy Bee Live – Queens College 1981 4. Busy Bee & Jazzy Five 1980 5. Busy Bee – Master Don T Connection 6. Busy Bee T-Ski Valley - Manhattan College 7. Busy Bee & The Force MC's – 1982 8. Busy Bee – The Audubon Ballroom 1979 9. Busy Bee & The Zulu Nation – Bronx River 1980 10. Busy Bee & Melle Mel – Bronx River Center 1980 Submit News! text news tips/pix: 6462706358
  11. :word: i second that although i happen to be a fan
  12. i don't see weird al on the charts anymore so looks like jones outsold weird all lol
  13. i don't understand if you hate 50 so much why post a responce about him he just happens to speak the truth and you know it
  14. all i can say is that this is everyone has an opinion but he still is better than 90% rappers out today and ludacris is also highly skilled but forever slept on , and albums aren't sold on word play but good songs Albums are sold on MARKETING! marketing and word play are not exclusive and two different things
  15. all i can say is that this is everyone has an opinion but he still is better than 90% rappers out today and ludacris is also highly skilled but forever slept on , and albums aren't sold on word play but good songs
  16. eminem is still the most skillful rapper out people just grow up in the game and try different things aint nothing wrong with his rhyme skills or word play
  17. Correction. Eminem WAS major skilled correction eminem IS MAJORED SKILLED
  18. i think the unit is still strong sales are just down in general now if people would just stop hating on the unit like ted said before on another thread if you cant say anything nice don;t say nothing at all lol
  19. i think from just reading that he missed the point , 50 said that only because if you watch the show oparah only catrers to white people on her show and luda, cube were right when cube had his barbershop movie out why was he the only member of the cast not on the show being intervied? he and i was wondering the same thing, so i think mel is missing the point entirely
  20. i am sorry aj don't wanna argue with you but i disagree it is more to the fact that the industry as a whole is down right now for example look how dmx, lupe fiasco and such fared
  21. when lloyd banks drops the single help his album sales will rise but right now with all the downloading going on albums sales are down right now
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