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What is Will's Best RAP track ever!?


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It's hard to name one, I'll name five, chronicalogical from his 20 years in the rap game:

1986-1989: "Brand New Funk"

1990-1993: "Somethin' Like Dis"

1994-1997: "Don't Say Nothin'"

1998-2001: "I'm Comin'"

2002-2005: "I Wish I Made That/Swagga"

nice list! :thumbsup:

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Yeah...when i think raw...i think of FP just writing the lyrics down in 1 sitting then just knocking it out in the booth. A few songs u can tell he spent a few days or weeks working on. I like the idea of him just knocking out a song without polishing it.

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Numero Uno, definately his best battle ryhming track. awesome flow!


I can take twelve rappers and put em in line

Then twelve emcees that think they can rhyme

Then twelve more brothers that still ain't signed

Then, don't do nuthin, just watch em decline

Those lines are straight fire! Other great "raw" tracks are He's The DJ, Just Rockin', I'm all that and Jeff waz on the beat box

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