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Willow in I Am Legend


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hang on..how many didn't.. dont make me start naming names...

I don't mind will's kids being in the movies, but when they start getting serious roles in the last 2 movies hes done :thumbdown:

I totally see your point of view Tim, there's lots that don't make it (though i think a lot of that depends on how people raise their kids) but I was just naming a few to irk Julie lol, I think it's the "nepotism factor" that most people don't like. Maybe if their first roles had been playing some other actor's kids it would look better, even thought i'm sure Willow's role is considerably smaller than Jaden's. I don't think it's that big of a deal, b/c imo, there are worst things, like "Houndog" starring Dakota Fanning, (a film with some very serious subject matter), to me nepotism pales in comparison to something like that, I'm more concerned about the movie's plot than the casting...but anyway I digress lol

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hah yeah I'm not looking forward to this movie too much, maybe thats it. Dakota fanning is the best child actress going around in my opinion.. but I havent seen houndog..

(getting off topic but who cares? lol)

it's not out yet, and honestly i hope it doesn't get made, there's a lot of controversy surrounding the film...I think Dakota is amazing as well, but i'm afraid of what this role will do to her career, and to her to be honest....since the subject matter is "very serious" (in my book) i'd say look it up on imdb, i won't even post a link here :shakehead:

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Well we can just say that like 2% of all the child actors turned out normal... And I think that is going to happen to Jaden and Willow. Will and Jada are good parents! (I hope)

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Wich 6 year old don't want's to be in a movie with his/her famous father! And see scary creatures! Maby I'm weird, but I think that being in a movie is something that every 6 year old want's to do!

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