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I'm getting nowhere on this, but I thought I'd share my nowhere gettingness. Along the lines Julie was thinking of, here's another idea of what the years mean:

92 - 1 - Where the day takes you - 1 means his first movie

63 - 7 - Parents just don't understand - 7 means it's the seventh track

89 - 1 - And in this corner - 1 means it's his first grammy

96 - 5 - Independence Day - 5 meaning it's his 5th movie

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Ok, so here's another idea... It's a scavenger hunt, a where's waldo of the jjfp site. Somehow those numbers take us to a regular page on the site (ya know, one you can get to through the links) and 3 tells us the important place on the page, or vice versa. My brain's really starting to hurt.

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Ok, so my idea was thus. Each year references the page about that item. So 89 references the page about And In This Corner. Then the 3 means to use the third word on the page. String all those words together for each year and it would give us the link. However, this plan sucks because there's no Where The Day Takes You page. But I thought I'd post this theory anywayz, hoping it would insite a stroke of genius in someone else.

And another theory is that this all references a greatest hits disc, and the years/numbers represent different tracks. I think this theory is my worst one yet. :) Please oh please, some one figure this out!

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