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Will Smith quotable thread on Allhiphop.com

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Nice to know that almost 2 years after "Lost and Found" came out hip-hop fans are still talking about it, that's the sign of a classic! :2thumbs:

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Yeah! And he's throwing it all away!

:word: Sadly, thats true... But hopefully we'll hear another final good album from will... Hopefully with Jazzy jeff next to him!

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Some guy just posted a little Will Smith quote and started a thread and everyone started dropping their fave Will quotes.

Wooow!!! That's really hot! I neva thought that I would find somethin' like this in the internet beside this page JJFP u know? That's really hot! Because the most what I see when I see somethin' of or about Will in the net then it's mostly something negative u know? Negative people or just haters dunno, talkin crap about Will and all that but this time it's something really positive and very great - like it! THANKS! :2thumbs:

cool! i honestly believe lost and found has done so much for Will. its earned him so much respect, i never saw threads like this before lost and found.

Yeah I agree to that, me neither! :2thumbs:

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Jonny or someone... ya gotta post the lyrics for "Born 2 Reign" there.

That track is the definition of an artist spitting fire.

Born 2 Reign

I believe in God

I believe in Destiny

Not destiny in the sense of all our actions being pre-determined

But destiny in the sense of our ability to choose

Our ability to choose who we are and who we are supposed to be

Yo yo yo

I was born to reign

Point blank my name

To be etched in stone

My destiny pre-ordained

Trying to live righteous

Fighting for life, this my life

And That's why I go light on my vices

Tightening the vices of truth on the ruthless

This rhyme and the crime is their mind is just useless

The path of the poison

The genesis of the genecide

You and your boys trying to decide

What to write but your pen is a sword

And the blade is being forged

Young minds getting gorged

States have been altered by liquor, by weed

And then hate gets exalted as art falls to greed

Choices is made, as the voices is layed

On the track

Contract, your souls the way you sold your rage

Did you see his new benz

But the mic is the syringe

Now you proud of your binge

Got a lot of new friends

Got a lot of new ends

Bought a house up in the hills

Frontin shouts to the pen

Giving, false accounts

Of your accounts' amounts, amounts to fan treason

Stands to reason

Since your inception

Laced with deception

And bread false affection and must perish

From my terrace

I see the fire burn in the streets

But I won't shield my eyes to the heat

Born to reign

Edited by MaxFly
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