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Favourite Song on "The Magnificent"

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[quote=kense,Mar 11 2004, 08:02 AM]i like the whole album but the track i put on repeat is 'In Time', mainly because i love V's voice and i'm a big fan of MAW, i hope JJ and MAW do some more tracks together in the future.[/quote]
have you heard i got rhythm? Jazzy Jeff/MAW & Vee..awesome track! i like it better than In Time
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Guest Prince
[quote=Prince,Mar 10 2004, 07:26 PM]It depends on my mood, things like "In Time" and "Musik Lounge" I've been feeling alot more recently.[/quote]
How could I forget:
"My Peoplez"
"Rock Wit U"
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mmm.. let's see...
FOR DA LOVE OF DA GAME ( I hope in a rmx in new will's album)
MY PEOPLE ( I love this song)

This is one of the best hip hop album of last period, in my opinion is at same level of the black album :afro:
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