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Yeah donkey kong country on the SNES was one of my fav games of all time.. i got a N64 just for donkey kong 64 and that was great also.. I looked it up and Microsoft took over Rare in 2002.. it seems thats why we arent getting any good donkey kong games lately :arg:

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All 3 of the Donkey Kong Country games came out on the Gameboy Adavnce, Might have to pick them up if i can get them cheap.

As for getting onto World 4. You have to beat the boos of World 2 with Mini-Mario, he then runs down a gap after you've killed him and skips world 3.

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Funny you should say that Tim, i'm planning on picking up the Wi-Fi USB stick pretty soon so i can play DS online. So get that Mario Kart training in and i'll keep ya posted.

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oh i wish i had one, im an expert at mario kart, i cant be beaten.

You havent played me yet Julie :bat: :lolsign:

She'd wipe the floor with ya just like i do at MK:DD on the Cube :lolsign:

I dont think so :lolsign:

I think I've won the last 5 games bruv... A few draws as well, you aint beat me in ages :sipread:

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